Any tips on how to play the P-63

Do you have discord? I’m reply more often there

yup, ID’s same as my username here

gonna be honest I forgot about this. Thanks I’ll add you

You don’t turn fight and you don’t BnZ. You have to gain speed to get to a certain altitude once within range fire your .50 calibers separately(make the bind change in your controls). Fire a burst, a single cannon round, wep dive, flatten out once at a certain distance, slowly climb back up, loop back, and rinse and repeat. However, turning once you have the energy to do so also works you have to combine aspects of both Bnz and Turnfighting something many fail at doing.

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Kingcobra, P-63 C-5 and A-10 are currently part of my BR 4.0 AB air lineup, they’re pretty good there, great at capping airfields in domination, good as fighters, also can be used as fighter-bombers.

That’s in arcade. I’m talking about realistic

You didn’t specify, though in RB at BR 3.3 the P-63A-5 seems almost undertiered, but then I wouldn’t know much about props in RB. I mostly play air AB, RB just jets sometimes.

Yeah well this thread is tagged with ARB. And idk why you would assume AAB

Sorry my bad, I don’t usually check the tags. I didn’t assume anything, just that air AB is by far my preferred mode, at least for props, I thought I’d try to get you to consider ;)

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