Any of you get a 1v1 in Air rb?

I recently got a 1v1 match in air rb with my harrier. I have a replay but it wont pop up on the site yet. Any of you experience something like this?

Found it. it was aparently under newbie battle Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

That is very wierd, never seen that before

Snail’s code is finally starting to fall apart maybe?

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Last night I was booted from a room I created after being killed - I still had my boosters enabled (so it didn’t count me as joining a battle) - rejoined and there were only 3 people (me included) in the server where before I was booted there it was something like 5 v 8.

But I have also started a room and had 2 people jump in (one on each side) and then jump out so when we started it was 1v1…