Any explanation why my PARS will not lock on Pantsir but on the ground below it?

It happended now 4 times in the last days that my PARS AGM from the tiger do not lock on the pantsir, it lock always on the ground before it, beneath it when from the side. Firing 3-4 missles and they only do some damage but does not destroy it because my PARS hit the ground next to it wth?

Can you record a video of that bug please?

i ll try next time

While I have never used that missle, I have an idea. Assuming they modelled it like other fire and forget agms, you could be firing them for too far out. I know that stuff like agm65s will not lock a vehicle from a certain distance out and will instead lock the ground.
I could be very wrong but worth a thought. Wouldnt be surprised if they broke it either.

yea u are right, just testet it. it happens only at far distance of max range for the ATGMs. Below 6 or 7 km they lock properly. Thx.

No problem. It is annoying to try to work around but I guess we just have to deal with it.

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