Any Active Aircraft Skinners?

If you have the time and are willing, could you make a skin for :

Spitfire lf mk9e Weissman in the style of Allied Patterns of WW2, desert or Europe

Have searched high and low and attempted in PS cc to copy/paste/dable with the only one I found and it looked horrible lol. Just can’t get the hang of it (I’m an Old Git)
Thank you in advance

Hey there! I’m willing to try, but I haven’t made a skin in just under a year so I might be rusty, and I can’t make it till the weekend, is that alright?

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That would be brilliant, take all the time you need just glad for a reply

Alright, I might need reminding ahaha, I still have school, do you have any images on what it looks like?

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Basically this style, it’s the same model except it has a added ‘e’ lol

Alright I’ll see what I can do, I don’t have the Israeli one, would it be possible for you to send me the .blk file?

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Aye just trying now, messaged you with file attached