Any active Aircraft skinners? I would like to make a Request for an Uruguayan aircraft


If anyone has the time and is willing to, I wished to make a request for a custom skin for the A-4B or A-4E based on this fictional/alternative history camo from the Uruguayan Air Force from the 1990s. I tried to replicate it but I couldn’t get a proper finished product.

My request is based on a model for the A-4H made by Dizzyfugu on Flickr. Here are some images of the model.

Here is a link to other pictures of the model from different angles if they can be of any help.
Uruguay architecture

The original is a model for the Isreali A-4H but I wished to request a skin for either the A-4B or A-4E, as those are the aicrafts I have unlucked.

I would really appreciate any help with this.
Thanks a lot in advance and best wishes

Happy hunting.