Anti Air

Where do I start?
Could you perhaps give the ANTIAIR a pink camouflage right at the start? I think the size and the rotating thing on the roof in most cases is not always noticeable enough on the HUGE maps.
I think it would also be helpful for the pilots who only fly 20CM from the ground thanks to the great external camera if you could increase the camera distance a little so that they can have a better overview of the battlefield and while you’re at it, put a marker above all enemies would be great too.
It would also be nice if you could shrink the range of our weapons a little, because every now and then they get closer and then you can use them every now and then. Maybe you should limit the range of the weapons to 4KM, that’s enough for the drones that you can’t activate and that you have to shoot away by hand so that you give yourself away and even the pilots’ grandmothers know where you are, that’s why You shouldn’t shoot the drones away either, they only reveal the positions of allies.
Oh, and every now and then it happens that a pilot is sleeping a little and doesn’t actually see the rocket flying towards him with contrails, maybe you should make these stripes red so that it stands out more.
Oh yes, and this tracking radar could be a little more unreliable. When it comes to activation and aiming assistance, it does work as intended every now and then, so you have to do it again so that your fanboys don’t get caught.

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So exactly what vehicle is this rant about?

Also, you could like, use better punctuation, or maybe even space out more paragraphs.


I’d actually enjoy a pink camo for my SPAA’s! I think Ahistorical camos are generally really fun and goofy to have :)

XM975 or FlaRakPz1 for example

I mean, if it got any “un-natural” color, or just any color not occurring naturally, it would help visibility, but also, it makes the missile visible on launch to be able to dodge XD

I agree with your rant, man, but please use paragraphs.

SPAAG and SAMs should be about as easy to kill planes & helicopters within guaranteed kill range as it is for any tank to kill any other tank.

Aircraft fly unrealistically, the reasons are not going to be removed as they’re too basal to the mode (mouse control & 3rd person cam). Instead, giving all SPAAGs lead markers out to 1.0/1.5km range stock/aced if they have no radar is in order. For radar ones, make locks much harder to shake and as easy to attain as the Strela or Pantsir get for all nations. Un-nerf the Stingers and Starstreaks so they actually work. Remove all ability for SAMs to be shot down by incoming ordinance so helicopters cannot rocket-wall them away.

This will go a long way to permanently solving much of the CAS problem. It is a 50% implementation issue with CAS itself mechanically, and a 50% player opinion problem stemming from rage at revenge bombing and the intended counters not working.

Clearly a sarcastic take on all the blatant advantages and handholding CAS players enjoy.

Yeah, about air realistic?

You know what, I don’t even know at this point.

This I would assume.


That’s why I said I don’t even know what this point…

It sounds like a Air RB gripe, because it would be insane to gripe about this in Ground RB.

Why is that insane?

Like you said,

I mean his tone was sarcastic, his arguments were valid as CAS has ridiculous advantages in GRB for no reason and it’s outright handholding compared to SPAA.


I love fighting strelas in a subsonic brick that has no guided munitions, and is only within BR range because its machine guns that have 30mm of pen gets CCIP.

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