Another Useless U.S.A Tech tree helicopter thats also dead on arrival. Introducing the MH-60L DAP


Gaijin adds another helicopter thats basically is a carbon copy of the apaches thats basically going to carry the same fucking weapons that are already in the game, and somehow, its still at a higher BR than the KA-50


I doubt you realize how effect that black hawk DAP is

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  • Ah-64 copy pasta zoom


  • no an/aar-54 maws

  • good survivability

1 big fuel tank = 1 hit and your fuel will be gone in 10 seconds.

  • no armor


When the UH-1 has more armor than UH-60L

LOL so funny. fuel tank = good survivability. Oh man.

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at being shot down? Oh its very effective at that…

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The fact that they modeled the MAWS and just flat out forgot it is hilarious to me.

They flat out care so little that the person they contracted to make the model ended up doing a actual better job in implementing the vehicle than gaijin itself.

This being par for the course now is just incredibly sad.

This thing is a useless joke, I dont know why it exists as it is now.


@Gunjob can you set this topic to redirect bugs?
this is the first topic talking about MH-60

Are you saying that 1 fuel tank with a 3x3m hitbox has no effect on helicopter survivability? The more fuel tanks you have, the better chance you have of not running out of fuel after a hit.

Sorry, not sure what you mean?

It has some problems
first of all we have these

my part :
,MH-60 has fixed miniguns on both side of the cockpit .

the same picture shows the 30mm gun on the wings


Needs reporting on the CBR, if its not on there its not getting fixed.

if gaijin did their jobs when adding vehicles researched them properly, there would be no need for bug fixes that most likely will be ignored, or take years to fix.

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In regards to the guns, they were planned for this update, but technical issues prevented that from happening. It’s possible in the future.

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You think gaijin would have had the time to read this eh?

They cannot even get Inertial Navigation and the enforced LOBL on a hellfire correct, and you were expecting them do a whole helicopter?

The devs don’t have enough data yet to get a good idea of how its performing.

…so… the hellfire missiles… that are still bugged, and have been bug reported?

Yes we have an open report for “AGM-114 Trajectory Issues”.

I shall probably update the the report with the Time of Flight (TOF) and impact angle findings.

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