Another update, another couple months of suffering

To be specific im talking about SPAAs here, but please ship in with your let downs in this update too!

Ok so the French got a quad 50cal mount… not like they needed the French Wirbeltractor or something nah…

Only nation that got anything worth paying attention to is Germany with the Zerstörer 45. That thing looks useful but we simply have to wait and see.

Sweden got an pack premium Leopard 2A4 with basically nothing special other than a unique looking smoke launcher system.
Like come on It could have gotten ANY Self propelled Anti-air vehicle. The Lvkv m/43, Tridon or any of those kinds of SPAA. im more interested in the U-SH Spaa that is in the files. but that’s me.

Other countries got fun additions I guess. the Fox(britain) looks like a bunch-of-fun while maybe not being super useful it sure does make up for it being a gremlin! But who knows it may be “overpowered” from some players perspective XD

No surprise USSR got a top tier SPAA so good for them!

The us got the Frankenstein M60 with the Abram’s turret. Still they are suffering from a lack off SPAA so that’s gone nowhere.

China got a Bmp-2 like thingy.

Italy got the Finland treatment. That’s it. (and a pack premium, but that to a TT vehicle.)

Other nations got pack premiums. That’s it.

I’m not delving into aircraft since I don’t care about the latest Version of the Aim 9L didn’t get added or that the Aim 120 didn’t get added this update. like for real chill people. I get you want neuron activation but unless the maps increase by size a lot I think the Aim 120s will be a game breaker. Since most maps doesn’t have mountain or high terrain or delves to hide in. I’m not gonna continue. So leave what you think about the update.

Also answer this

Are you pleased with this update?
  • No, not at all!
  • Meh, its not good but not bad either.
  • Yes, I’m fully satisfied!
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Is probably one of the worst update i can remember and im playing since 2013.

90% of the content is just boring “modern” stuff and premiuns.
The new map is horrible.

I just closed the game after play 3 battles because is the same, no important changes, no interesting content between rank 2 and 5, just the same.


As a French main I’m quite glad with the quad mount SPAA, that being said… This update did nothing else to resolve existing problems within that tree.

I’m not knowledgeable enough about other nations but I feel like a similar sentiment will exist there after this patch.

Of couse this update is super nice, Pz III turret speed was (90%) fixed. And other reports of mine such as Pz IV turret speed and StuH 42 velocity was fixed. Im super hyped. Gotta bring out the Pz III Ausf. B with now 20°/sec. :D

Glad about this update, much of the time was spent on bug fixes which is great. People complain about how all bugs should be fixed, then complain when much of the update focuses on fixing bugs and not something else. You can’t have everything.

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Meh … I go and play Settlers 2 ^^