Another question what kind of missiles are these

OK, guys here’s another question I have to know what kind of missiles? that this guy has mounted on AH-64D I looked on every Apache in the game and I couldn’t find anything that mounted on the armament tips in that configuration in this game the only thing that mounts out there is air-to-air missiles not air to ground and here’s a picture! And the third picture is the only thing that mounts on the tips

My bet is that those are starstreaks

This is ATAS AA missile

Yes the third picture is ATAS but i understood that OP is asking what missiles are being used on the teapache on the AA slot - and those would be starstreaks

Yeah first two are starstreak

Yep, first one looks like British Apache Starstreaks.

(Our Ah-64D is called the AH Mk1 Apache. You can search the name of the vehicle, which you can see on the right in the replay, in the vehicle tree and it will show you it regardless of what nation you have selected)

they are beam riding AAMs and not IR guided like ATAS. They can also be found on the Stormer HVM.

They can be used against very light ground targets, but not the most reliable weapon system though for that. They do also have some issue vs air targets currently.

The only muscles on AH-MK1 are Hellfire AGM-114 that’s the only air-to-ground missile that is on this Apache and the star streak is air-to-air missiles not air-to-ground.

What are you getting at? Morvran said they were AAM

The thing that I’m getting at is that air-to-air missiles will not kill a tank and it killed my tank and they shouldn’t be able to be used for air to ground that’s what I am getting at End of Story unless they have a pin rate over 600

AAM will kill a tank if it hits the correct spot, what tank are you using? Starstreak has 1.2 KG of Composition B which can and will kill a tank. It should be able to be used as air to ground because of it’s beam riding launch. Does this mean you don’t want Hellfire to be used against aircraft? You don’t want tanks to be able to shoot them with their main cannon?

That is what’s wrong with this game. You show me one aircraft that’s been shot down by a main gun from a tank in this world’s history. Other than this game that’s supposed to be the most realistic game in realistic mode. War Thunder used to brag about it but now they don’t anymore they used to say it in a commercial a few years ago but not anymore! And I don’t care if it is a beam riding air to air missile that’s what it’s supposed to be used for air to air not air to ground

Carrius claims his gunner shot down Il-2 with tigers 88mm.

Anyway, rest of your post is just ramblings, sorry.

Is it hard for you to understand concept of beam riding missile or what?

Roland or VT-1s are ground to air missiles against aerial targets, they can still be guided towards tank and kill it if they hit the correct spot.

Same with starstreaks.

Are they optimal to use against ground targets?


Are they guaranteed kill?


Can they be used?


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Starstreak isn’t a ordinary AAM. It uses kinetic projectile. Because of that you can use it against ground targets, also it’s laser guided.

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