Another patch, new problems

as some of you may have seen a patch has just been made, which moved the BR of the vehicles, and of course as I expected it’s something terrifying. I’ve been playing with the M1A1 for a couple of days now, and since the patch it’s pretty much useless. shifted to 11.0 together with the IPM1, for 3 attempts I fired on the lower front bulkhead of a T-80BVM the projectile didn’t even ricochet, it simply neutralized itself, then rightly killed me. in another match I was faced with a leopard 2A6, exact same problem, the bullet as if it hadn’t done anything. I honestly have no words to describe how every time they get their hands on something they manage to do more damage than good.

as true as this may be, it has nothing to do with the performance and skill of the players. if my projectile can penetrate the lower frontal bulkhead of the T-80BVM then it must do so, and not that by some absurd magic the shot is neutralized. because it can happen once, but 3 times in a row in my opinion something is wrong

Welcome to WarThunders reality. Got tired of being frustrated with Stalinium a long time ago.

sure but it is certainly not by giving up that things are resolved, you have to present the problem and impose yourself so that it is resolved