Annoying weirdos in the DMs

Why do some players feel the need to DM other players after a match and bump their gums? You had a good match, great, now enjoy your win and move on. If you have to slither up into someone’s DMs to boast about how great you are, then don’t be surprised when you get cussed out and blacklisted. If you had a good match, then enjoy your victory, but have some grace and don’t be an annoying prick because the next match might not go so well for you.


It’s a measuring contest they feel they can win

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“Humble in victory, gracious in defeat” . . … this is the way . . . . the “old school” way . . . . very old actually
Unwritten Rules


Two choices:

Disable your DM = Go to Options >Main Paramters > Chat and Voice Chat and toggle on the option “Private messages and invitations from friends only”

Or Find the msg, then the username and then click X next to their name. Problem solved without having to read it.

Personally it doesn’t bother me if some random internet person decides to type something to me. I’ll either engage or ignore them.

The only time I DM peeps is when I’m running them down and rather than fight they slam into the ground. I just tell them they have no honor.