Anniversary hype thread

WT Anniversary soon.

What are you gonna buy on discount?

I plan to get Myoko, Nenohi, Z-47 and XP-55.

What are you planning to get when/if 50% discount hits?

Nothing, except golden eagles with the money I got from selling off LOSAT which I will use for premium when I feel like playing.

he believes anyone will buy LOSAT

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Not good with reading comprehension, are we

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Not good at getting jokes is he?

XM-1 to skip USA rank 4

Not good at getting bad ones, you are right


does half a year premium count as anything special lol?


Well i sold My losat for 40 gaijin coins, and somebody bought it

Seems like there 's going to be an event kindof like last year had

Iโ€™m excited for it !

Dee Dee Hyping

Ooh, a naval event to unlock a login screen โ€ฆ I can barely contain my excitement.

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Iโ€™ve already got US and USSR top-tier air, so:

  • Mirage F1C pack because Frenchie planes seem interesting

  • Greek AH-64 and/or talisman for YAH-64 to grind US heli tree

  • biglong premium time

  • maybe possibly Kfir canard

Dont buy fucking Mirage F1

Yeah i will try to get Myoko looks like a good ship. Not sure what else.

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I wouldnโ€™t get it. They are about to nerf its round to 292mm of pen at 10m from ~350mm of pen at 10m.

Another usa top prem to buy?

Squadron heli for russia or germany would be nice.
I cant care less for grinding US heli tech tree after I got YAH-64, and Im looking forward for the same experience everywhere else.