And I thought I was doing well - allied player with 20 kill game!

Thought I was having a good game then I saw the dude on our team (Nomadskiy_Batka) with a 20 kill match: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

I have never seen someone rack up a score like that in ground RB before, what do you all think?

Yes, this happens often. An hour ago someone broke 21 tanks in 3.0.
20 tanks per battle is the same as 8 airplanes. A clever hunter will catch that many times a day.

Literally 20 kills, br 8.3 but we lose :(


Fair enough! Seems it’s more common that I thought then, but I’ve literally never seen it happen before in all the games I’ve played! Also congrats on the excellent game, Tim, real shame that was a loss.

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I’ve never seen it either, I’m shocked that it happened)))
The stars have come together. A small map of the Rhine crossing, one point. And I’ve been on Falcon, warrior, za-35, Chieftain Marksman, and rooikat mk1D)

Dam, that’s crazy impressive. In all my years of War Thunder I’ve only broken 20 kills maybe a half dozen times. Did y’all win?

My highest kill count is 22 with Chi-To Tank from Japan. Common with experienced players, not so common to new or learning players.

This is my first time

Tried my best lol literally Rombo this whole match sadly. GIF as a reference on how I saw this fight ToT
Edo Tensei Madara vs Shinobi Alliance animated gif

Their “Bottom 7” were better than your “Bottom 7”, not even a 1DL match!

More kills does not definitely mean a win! (In my mind a case of “one team playing better than the other” and not down to one dominant player (which would be you if just looking at kills/score).

It depends on how many vehicles the opposing team spawns.
Lets say, you would play vs team where each player spawns only one vehicle.
Then you likely cannot get more than 5 kills, because you maybe wouldn’t even meet more tanks throughout the match.
Now if each opposing player spawns 3 vehicles, you are suddenly getting vastly more targets to score a kill.

It also depends on cap point configuration. If either team wins fast by capping, then you won’t have enough time to score that many kills.

So yeah, its very much chance based. Of course you still need to be somewhat decent player.