Analysis on why the f-16a block 10 is borderline useless for air RB:

AIM-9 never was made for that, and have bigger range than any other comparable Fox-2 currently.

The Lima variant is also far better at flare resist than every other comparable Fox-2’s

Just learn not to use it within 1.2km, and switch to gun → far more reliable than EVERY missiles within turnfight.

Wut m8? Stop stalling,… i know F-16 have to go under 850km/h to hard turn, but under 280km/h you’re stalling

Have should make a better work of your energy if you have such troubles,…

From my own F-16A ADF experience, many players in MiG-29 will rely on missile too much, if you’re able check on them you will have easy way out.

Without AIM-7F/M, here is my go to moves:
Go cold, wait for R-27ER,… chaffs and roll
Bandit will switch for R-60M → Flares+ cut afterburner+full turn

Once it’s decoyed → afterburner+airbrake and invert your turn [check out for 2nd R-60M depending range], then avoid opportunity gun shots → moslty by going up and closing airbrake at that point.

99% time the MiG-29 is surprised to overshoot being at full speed → since you were going up and being slower, you have 2 possibility:
→ MiG-29 climbs = speed differential makes it possible to gun it down whatever the MiG does at this point
→ MiG-29 goes straight and tries to evade with speed = prepare 9L and shoot.

Only 2 rules :
→ do not go under 450km/h IAS before avoiding opportunity gunshot
→ always loop behind the MiG-29 after he overshot

The “Missile boat meta” only really comes from most of the players in the BR range playing the F-4s or Mig 23 ML, sure, they understand that the flare button more or less functions as a ton of eye frames against all IR missiles, the only weakness to exploit there is that they mash the button repeatedly rather than just tap it once so they run out on occasion. The real reason they die to missiles to frequently is that they don’t yet understand all SARH missiles can be easily defeated by flying low, I see most players in tech tree 11.0-12.0 jets already doing this, and they really only die to SARH when they tunnel vision an enemy for too long.

In an F-16a, I’m saying that assuming you fly low and know the C key, no missile should ever touch you, leaving the dogfighting aspect, granted, it’s easy to tunnel vision or die to a friendly IR you didn’t know was tossed at you in a dogfight, but I guess that’s part of situational awareness skills.

Luckily, I think Gaijin took note of how long it takes to get a kill in the F-16, if the dev server stats are anything to go off of, you will be pulling aoa like other jets and securing the deck kills a lot more quickly, mitigating the chances for tunnel vision moments.

Have to keep beating this dead horse I guess, on technicality, yes, it does have the highest flare resistance out of any missiles currently in the game, you are right on that.

However, it is still a 1 flare in pretty much every situation except for a near-point blank (under 1.5km) rear aspect shot on full burner in a straight line.

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cpt bel doesn’t read.

F16 nose authority is lackluster and comparable to that of the tornado and WORSE than that of 104s when flying at high speeds above mach 1.

R27ER and going cold don’t necessarily work together if you’re 5km away from the missile when you start moving away from the radar. R60M’s from rear aspect will totally ignore the afterburner and go for the flares, but from side aspect they won’t see flares at all. AIM9L are the easiest to flare from all aspects except from behind the wings of the plane and they will ignore whole tracks of flares or not, depends on the rng.

MiG29 overshooting is a complete skill issue, so is missing aim as well.

I’ve yet to meet a mig29 that hasn’t zoomed into my plane, missed the shots and get spanked because it decided to turn. They can extend all day and pray that an aim9l doesn’t decide to ignore flares. It’s the best top tier by a margin, and it’s the exact same situation as the f-4e vs mig21 bis. The F-4E will win prolonged if played very carefully and both planes are on low fuel, but mig21 bis can just not engage and return to base.

I’m not seeing how they sided against me, they’re fixing the FM currently after an error in their move to the new FM code. ??

It’s also getting increased thrust now. At the time (dev server, early live) it had superior flight performance to the F-16 or F-14, that flip flopped around quite a bit since and the datamine information is there to show it.

No need to have such hostile interactions with people on the forum either. I think the “whole meaning of my life” is to just enjoy the things I enjoy… and War Thunder is one of them.

Really? You dont have 100’s of posts in the original F-16 flight model post trying to say it was fine as is and nothing was wrong with it. That added compression was realistic. blah blah blah.

Your whole life dedicated to spreading false info and lies on a forum. Not even a moderator. Not even a dev. Just a guy who needs 1000 posts a day to make sure NATO tech is nerfed and Russian tech gets buffed.

Im just pointing out to the new people here you are a waste of space, have only 1 motive and need not to be taken serious or argued with. You are just a scab. This dude is THE #1 poster on this forum. Post count is the only thing that matters to him more than his Russian bias narrative.


I encourage you to take a look at my profile and see all the good work I am doing towards NATO vehicles;

No need for all the baseless insults. Seriously, if I am such a scab please don’t waste time responding to me if there is nothing productive to share.


Oh shit it’s this guy again ? He made another damn thread lmaoooooo

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1v1 me bro (i know you won’t)

all i see is you denying the fact that russian missiles up close are harder to defeat than pythons and aim9ls. R60’s completely ignore flares on head on and up close from any aspects while pythons and aim9l’s are more rng based, r24r’s will proxy on your face even after you dodged them and r27er’s same thing. Stop coping about it, the meta was and still is quick and large fox1 missiles which happen to be russian. Then during the furball, the quicker up close missiles are going to dominate, which again, in this update, happen to be russian.

Cope and enjoy another patch of dominance.

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The satire made my morning, cheers!


what satire?

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You’re really good at this, I don’t know if anyone’s told you.

mind games?

So I had like 10 matches in the USSR MiG-29 (not SMT) this morning after the patch before going to work and I have no idea what you are talking about with the R60s ignoring flares.

The only time I got kills with the R60s on any plane was when they didn’t drop a flare. Side, front, bottom, top or rear aspect didn’t matter at all. Hell one F-16C dodged my R60 just by launching his own missile at someone else. With the right Countermeasure settings and enough flares you can pretty much be immune to R60s until you run out of flare drops, don’t even have to do anything, just set it and forget it.

I got killed by more Python 3’s than R60s, R73s or AIM-9’s all together, maybe you should whine about those?

aim9l’s can ruin your game if they decide that they have to ignore your countermeasures, however i keep seeing people yeeting r60’s from 3km away. They have to be used very up close, they will solidly ignore flares. Pythons are leagues ahead, ignoring any countermeasure from 1km and below. In my current new update experience r60m’s are better at ignoring flares than aim9l. Been on a trip to hangar by going 70 percent throttle, flaring and moving away like 5 times to a “shitty r60m”.

so let’s get it to a point.

Russia has the best damaging rank 7 and plus guns in the game, it also has the best flight performance for RB, it also has the best radars, it also has the best mid range ir missiles (and the only ones too), it has the best SARH, it has the best melee missiles that will ignore flares when used CORRECTLY and you’re complaining that the slowest ir missile is getting yo ahh?

Skill issue tbh.

The only skill issue here is your reading comprehension.

Please continue your weird soapbox ranting if you want, I have no further desire to engage with you. Perhaps @MiG_23M will continue to entertain you.


Everything he says for the most part is satire, and when it’s not… it’s still satire. He comes here to entertain people, I applaud it.

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Where reading comprehension? the python slows down a lot after the engine burns off, it has the same range as aim9l lmao, aim9l’s get better the further they go. IDK whazza blud sayin.

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