Analysis on why the f-16a block 10 is borderline useless for air RB:

I’m not asking for a BR decrease if you wonder.

First: It has no fox1s

Second: It starts with missiles that are vastly inferior to the r60m (l0l) and then get aim9l, which are great but don’t accelerate as quickly as a magic, a python or an r60, leading to more reaction time and even getting outpaced easily if someone gets cold within 3km rear aspect or below.

third: It has great flight performance, but doesn’t have the nose authority to play aggressively; it’s in a very similar spot to the mig19 except that mig19 is the best 9.3 while the f16 is as good as the rest. This stiffening of the controls will simply lead to flying around without being able to nose into people on time as you see your team vanishing in a minute or your enemies simply getting third partied while you’re working your dogfights.

it’s just crazy that the f16a is the peak of why armament matters more than performance, also the f16aj has sparrows and the netz has pythons, which are far better in close range than aim9ls thanks to their acceleration.

I don’t know what you’re suggesting because it’s definitely not going down in BR. It still out performs anything below 12.0.


i’m saying it has no place in the game.

Its place is to be a stepping stone to something better. Not every addition has to be viable.

There’s a difference between being not viable and being just an rp and sl piñata.

You mean its place is fodder for super duper best jet made in history with a real life battle record history that says completely the opposite Mig-29 right …

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mig29 and yak41 absolutely dominate the party, and it’s thanks to having both of these on each team why the game is somewhat balanced. Every r27 missile is a granted kill unless the opponent ducks behind a mountain as soon as he sees the red diamond coming out of the player tag. And it is funny because even yet, in a gladiator duel where both stay with minimum fuel, the f16a will pelt the mig29a in every single way, but it’s RB where planes meet with 20 minutes of fuel, and a mig29 on 20 minutes of fuel will maneuver better than an f16 on 20 minutes of fuel, so unless the f16 spends two minutes rate fighting to then either get killed or get kill stolen, the f16 has literally no chance. The plane was amazing when aim9l, magic 2 and r60m were the only thing that would come out in top tier, but russia got the r27t, the r24r is literally a free kill skyflash with prediction path that will get you even if you dodge because of its 100m proxy radius. R27ER is just better than the aim7m at every range, but f16a b10 lacks it. The only way toi defeat the r27er is by either crashing to the ground or going cold if the enemy is stupid and launches it from 10km away.

Yes, r60m is worse than aim9l, but not really. Fights occur in furballs and people is 5km or below of distance between each other, and r60 up close is menacing. Aim9l straight up misses below 1km.

Heck, even the f4s is better than the f16a and that thing is a whole br below.

This must be a joke lol, the F-16 is the second best sustained turn rate fighter in the game. On the dev server they amended the compression at high speed. The Block 10 F-16s are the best fighter in the entire game currently on the dev server.

The FM will also undergo significant changes even further down the road as they continue to model portions of the FLCS system.


idk what are you talking about, missiles and radar matter more than flight performance currently, but you seem to think that air rb is the same as minimum fuel fair 1v1s. Literally everything at your br has either better missiles, or more missiles, or both. Doesn’t matter when you’re trying to gank in from behind and sideways and you feel yourself pinged by a mig23’s mti radar and you die to an r24r you can’t escape from unless you go cold, giving solution to the python that goes bound for your nozzle.

All I use are AIM-9Ls on my F-16s half the time.
7s are great in head-ons, but in the chase, 9Ls are better by a long shot.

Ah, you just want America to suffer, got it.

lol Mig-29, that’s literally the F-16’s equivalent, and Yak-141 that’s inferior in flight performance to both.


Ah, you just want America to suffer, got it.

There is a problem: It already does.
There is another problem: You’re twisting it again.

lol Mig-29, that’s literally the F-16’s equivalent, and Yak-141 that’s inferior in flight performance to both.

I don’t care, both of these have literally the best missiles in the game and it’s not my fault that you prefer to engage to f16s on these instead of killing them from 10km away without giving them chances to do anything.
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USA does not suffer, it’s legit the best tech tree in WT.
Yak-141 does not have the best missiles in-game.
Having 2 great SARH missiles doesn’t mean much when everyone else has meta IR missiles.
SARHs are always defeatable, IR missiles aren’t.

Also ignoring me only means I can refute your nonsense using facts without you ever responding back.


You made a thread dedicated to analysis on why the F-16A Block 10 is borderline useless
And the common opinion is that it’s the best aircraft in RB… So you block them? lol


let’s see

does it have fast missiles? No

does it have BVR? No

does it have long range IR missiles? No

does it have a usable radar? No.

does it have an IRST mode to enslave missiles at longer range, more sensitivity and more aspects without pinging enemies? No. In fact it starts with aim9j’s which are even worse than the r60 base model.

Does it have a good gun? No. It’s great but far from the best; your keyboard shots will deal so little damage that when the enemy gets destroyed by an ally you won’t even get an assist.

Put the MiG19S at 11.0 since “it’s the second best plane in game” that can out dogfight anything that’s not an f-16. Your argument makes no sense at all, so instead of full committing to a ratefight against these planes just extend away because you totally can, mig23 mld has the privilege.

The F16a block 10 is the worst f16 of them all, it doesnt have fast missiles nor fox1s. Top tier is about fox1s. Stop dogfighting the first thing you see and use your r24s, and use flares while cutting afterburner.

Vulcan is the best gun in WT currently.
Not sure why you’re arguing for Mig-19S at 11.0.
F-16A Block 10 is identical to all other F-16s.

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Vulcan is the best gun in WT currently.

it drops at 600m of travel distance and despawns after 1km. GSh23L keeps a constant velocity and has 3km of range, so if you’re stalled out below someone and have good aim you can literally one tap kill anything 1.5km above you struggling to correct.

Not sure why you’re arguing for Mig-19S at 11.0.

you just can’t understand exemplification.

F-16A Block 10 is identical to all other F-16s.

Simply wrong, it turns better than the adf and the mlu and has worse missiles than the netz and the f16aj. You have no idea of what you’re talking about.

Yak-141 has 2 R-27ERs, that’s it.
And 2 other missiles that help it stay semi-competitive.
Flares don’t work against afterburner plumes.
No ammunition despawns in WT until it hits something.
GSh23L is lower velocity & has an effective range of 500 meters, vs the effective 1.2km of Vulcan.
Python 3s are barely better IR resistance than 9Ls, and that’s the only effective difference.

That’s not the F-16’s capabilities.

That’s the sheer number of players base bombing in F-4S’s, F-16’s, and F-14’s.


Yes, the missiles are fast. They can exceed mach 2.
No, it doesn’t have BVR… but mute point since you’re literally warned when you are locked and now will fully understand when you’re being launched on by radar missiles. The primary threat is IR missiles… of which it has some of the currently best in the game.

“Long range IR missiles” don’t yet exist in the game. The R-27ET is also extremely seeker limited. It will never be used outside of WVR.

It has one of the better radars in-game.

It has no IRST, which is an actual piece of hardware and not just a “mode” like you state. Also, IRST does not extend range, sensitivity, or allow for more aspects on non-all aspect missiles like you insinuate. In fact, the IRST is hardly useful except for tracking targets in the notch and being able to quickly switch back to radar lock when they turn away or back towards you. Either way, an SARH missile would likely be lost during such maneuvers.

Yes, the Vulcan is one of the best guns at top tier solely due to RPM and ammo count. The 30mm means the MiG-29 relies heavily on a pilot with good aim to avoid wasting all his ammo on 3-4 kills. And often he has to, since he has only two radar missiles and a bunch of angry moths.