An option to swap Wagers and Orders to War Bonds

  • Yes, I would like that
  • No, I wouldn’t like that

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Personally, I’ve racked up way tooooo many wagers that are not possible for me to do so they’re just a clutter in my inventory, and so would be nice if there was an option to either remove them or exchange them. Thoughts?

you want not-so-useful stuff be able to transform into fully-useful stuff, not gaijin’s way. But is cool to ask 😉


Hey, the cases are useless and we have an option to trade them into warbonds(Or at least some of them, I don’t know how Gaijin decides which ones allowed)

Cases that are like older than 2 or 3 major releases are eligible for exchange to warbonds.

I voted yes but with the explanation that I’m not expecting much for it. Maybe 25 like those cases, or maybe less as there are a lot more of these wagers and orders.

Or make them marketable. Something like the build events in that you group up 2 or 3 of them to be able to sell 1 on market.

I’d even include Backups in this too.

Most of stuff in war bonds are useless for long time WT players like me, even some stuff can be bought much cheaper with real money. However, Try selling them in market may be much better.

The funny thing about wagers is that when you can comfortably win them, it’s also when you’ve accumulated so much SL that you don’t really care.

for the lords sake fix some of these wagers.
they are nearly impossible for 99.9% of the players
today i stopped playing because of frustration with one of them. the effort is huge, the results are good, but there is always a person with 1 more and take the title or the map doesnt even carry some of the options.

Wagers should only work on maps where they are possible!!!