An interesting thing no one seems to really care about

I’ve been playing a lot of Sweden, like I always do, and noticed that the auto shell ejecting vehicles in the game are just horribly modeled. I will find pictures of the VEAK 40, Strv 103, and ItPsV 90 ejected casings to show how tiny they are compared to the real thing, anyone else wanna see this easy fix come?

just want to see that bad feature removed

Might I ask why?

Presumably, because on many vehicles, it’s poorly modeled, with shells clipping onto the engine deck or falling to the ground in an unrealistic manner.

That’s fair, I notice this too, but yet another thing that can be fixed.

every shot makes a lot of … damage/dust to the environment that sometimes cover big part of the sight ( when shooting from close cover), on high fire rate vehicles It’s even worse (strf’s)

That makes sense, I guess just because of the vehicles I play I don’t have a problem with it, for the Strf/Lvkv 9040’s, it’s simply because of the shells ejection placement, directly above the gun barrel and ejects over, I dont have these yet, but know the way it works, so for those it makes sense, but for things like the 103, it doesn’t matter because it’s behind you, same for the T-72/T-90, and the VEAK 40’s ejection ports are slightly offset from the guns and should fly out at a slight angle away from the gun. Honestly the dust should be turned down because the Bofors 40mm brass casings don’t weight enough to kick up a cloud of dust large enough to get into the guns sight, it wouldn’t even kick sand up a few inches, and dust probably about a foot