An indicator to show if engine is on

Pressing the engine on button is nice and all but sometimes it doesnt work, if we had an indicator to see if engine was on instead of trying to figure it out with the temp levels wold be much appreciated.


Yeah, I have accidentally bumped the engine off button when looking for bomb camera and end up crashing because of the propeller continuously spinning.

I’d make a suggestion for it.


Wouldnt say no to a few “on-screen indicators” for the top left. Like Flap/gear position (most notable for SB) or wing/nozzle position (yes its at the bottom, but only when actually moving it, its not static)

Things like engine on/off could be there as well. To be honest. the UI overall needs a bit of an overhaul and update. There is a lot of info that could be displayed and should be individually toggle-able by the player. Allowing them to config it to show as much or as little information as possible

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I mean im pretty sure you can hear your engine when it’s on

Not always. Sometimes the sound glitches and you still get engine noises even when the engine is off or blacked out.


Rather than pressing to turn the engine on it’s always easier to hold w

Can you turn off heli engines yet?

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You could always turn off Heli engines you have to be reducing your COLL while pressing engine off.

iirc you also need hover off

I dont know, I’ve never been able to do it, it just always turns back on.

If you’re using mouse/keyboard I’d recommend changing engine ignition to be something like Alt-I (or Ctrl or Shift or so), where the second key (e.g. if you don’t use “I”) is not near keys you use often with Alt,Ctrl,Shift or whatever. Helps avoid accidental engine shutdowns making it a two key combination.