An Idea On How To Get Premium

One way for players who, like me would love Premium, you could try what I did.

I like to treat myself (I also have a family to consider when it comes to money - we would all like things) to the Battle Pass when it comes out, but I would like Premium too to help with my progression. I find rank 4 onwards so horrible because of the tens of thousands of RP needed and at least 200,000SL needed to buy and crew your new vehicle.

When I got the 10 free days of Premium from the Battle Pass, it was glorius compared to being standard, so when it finished a week and a half later, I stated dropping the odd comment to my family about the grind being really horrible again, and about missing Premium.

My wife ended up suggesting Premium to my 2 young adult sons (who are still at home but they work), about 1 of them getting me 90 days Premium as a present for Fathers Day - woohoo - sorted for 3 months. 90 days of Premium in the UK is £21.74 as you need 5,000GE. Premium for 90 days costs 4,900GE.

What I’m suggesting is, it doesn’t have to be just for Fathers Day. It can be for Mothers Day, Birthday, or Christmas, etc. etc.

I suggest They buy it as a gift when it’s 50% off. They you pay about 40GJN for a whole year instead of for only ~180 months.


there are a few things you can do to make the most of your money when it comes to premium time, first if you are gonna buy it with GE, buy it when Premium is on a sale, Normally around May, October/November and December/January when it will be 50% off, it means you can get premium for around £40 for a year and still have around 2.5K left for any premium vehicles you want (or to save for next year)

Secondly, if you grind for events regularly you can exchange any vehicles you grind for GJ coin on the market, then use that GJ coin to buy premium time during the sales

These are all good suggestions, so keep them coming.

Like others have suggested, wait for a 50% sale and then buy a bunch of gold eagles and use them to get a year of premium for 50% off + GE left over.

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Besides the GE premium option, you can get premium time there in the Online Store, directly. I believe you can get 180 days(6 months) for $20 USD during the Victory Day sale in late Apr/early May and again during the Anniversary Sale, late Oct/early Nov. for the same price. Basically. . . 1 year of premium in 2 “installments” for a perpetual premium time on your account. I have been doing it this way for a very long time. Good discount, easy to do and you have the time frame set up so you have time to plan for it. It’s a little over $3 a month or roughly 11 cents a day I think USD . . . but if you play regularly/daily . . . it’s really very reasonable . . it might also be something that should be added to the “Wishlist” . . . cuz ya never know . . ☻

Fathers day sure. Christmas sure. But mothers day? I have played for over 2 years and I only have seen three girls on so wouldn’t mothers day be kinda a weird one?