An idea for the implementation of Gyroscopic gunsights on bombers and fighters in warthunder

Would you like to see gyroscopic gunsights modeled ingame? If not, why?
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Gyroscopic gunsights are modeled visually, so why not model their function. They were game changing pieces of tech, and they should be modeled. Here is my idea on how to do it.

Modeling the mechanic:
The naval range finding system would work really well.

The gunner determies the size and speed of the target, and that is plugged into an analog computer to
give lead to the turrets. However, the system is not instantaneous, and need to be updated. This same mechanic could be applied to aircraft. with the updates to range happening much more frequently. Make it a mod exclusive to aircraft that have them. One final thing that needs to happen is that the gun convergence distance on all bombers needs to be dependent on the target aircraft’s range.

Offensive weapons
On planes with gyro gunsights the aiming reticle would work like radar gunsights in top tier. The “lock” should be lost if the target moves outside of the field of view of the gunsight. Planes with radar gunsights ( F-86,Hunter, MiG 19) the gunsight is constantly updated.

For turrets the situation is more complex, and in my opinion, far more dire. The three planes that this would affect the most would be the B-29, TU-4, and Avro Lincoln. The B-29 and TU-4 share the same control system, so they can be modeled the same way. The simplest way to model it would be to give the B-29 a lead indicator that needs to be updated once every few seconds. The Lincoln however, is a different system entirely. The Lincoln is equipped with a Village Inn system, which automatically calculates the lead and ballistic drop and aims the turret.

Updates to the lead should be constant. However, if the leaves the cone of the radar (±90 degrees horizontal and ±45 degrees vertical) the radar lock is broken and the target lead indicator should be lost. The lead indicator should be constant and unbroken, much similar to the ones in arcade then in naval.