An idea for all nations and TT

Should we get a visible loading animation on vehicles that are open topped, we see this loading mechanic already technically in the game on the Bkan 1C, where the autoloader “visibly” loads the round into the breech. Should all open top/open backed vehicles like the Marder III/III H, the Lancia 3rO, and a more modern, Swedish ATGM launcher Udes 33, and other open top launchers, or even things such as the Bradley M3A3 launcher being visibly reloaded by crew, or CV9040B BILL launcher system? Also a visible, on landing reloading of helicopters and aircraft would be interesting to watch even if it requires a longer wait time.

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Too much work to do, with too many different animations, as most guns would require a uniuqe one.


Every TOW launcher will be the same, and seeing as how there aren’t a lot of open tops, they might take time, but the animations wouldn’t be too different…

It takes much more. You would have to make ammo dissapear from the visual model. And then decided if animation takes ammo from one and the same place or all over the tank. Community would hate the 1st potion, so 2nd would be the way

I mean, think about the M-10, the ammo in the turret rear doesn’t disappear after the damage model peices are missing so what difference does it make. Neither does the event vehicle before last having the ammo on the side not dissapear, and another example of the Marder III H’s ammo in the turret side no dissipating.

It does now because there is not reload animation. If you make it, than loader would hawe to take it from somewhere. It dissapears as a dm so you cant detonate it, but since there is no reload animation there is no need to remove it visualy.

Yeah, so if removing the DM is in the file, what makes it so hard to also remove the VM with each shot. Also, this is just a “cool idea”, not a “it’s gonna be implemented” just looking at a coding standpoint isn’t too difficult.

Well, in WT most of the visual model is a single brick. There are some parts you can shoot off but thats all. When it comes to DM ammo is modelled in a bulk of shells or as a singular unit, so removing it is not that big of a deal. Removing visualy would require remodelling of many tanks. It would also mean that tanks with already existing anims would have these to be ramade as well(for exame Roland reloading, dissapearing missile, rack turning ect).

And to sum it up from myself. It would require too much resources to be put into it, while not giving them in return. Things like premiums pay themselfs back and pay for other thing these resources are spent. Here it would not work like that.

Guess so.