AN/APG-78 longbow radar for the Ah-1Z Viper

Being one of the oldest top tier helicopters in the game, the Ah-1Z is starting to show its age (despite being one of the most modern helicopters in the game), lacking many of the features present on other top tier helicopters. One of these is a radar but there is an easy solution to that


The viper is capable of mounting an AN/APG-78 Longbow radar on one of its wingtip stations. In game this would allow it to detect and target both air and ground targets (although along a smaller arc than the apache due to its mounting) at the cost of sacrificing one of its sidewinders.

I think this is a potential step to easing some of the downsides compared to other helicopters at and around its BR and allow for more options when creating custom loadouts.


No, just fix the POI to actually target the top of tanks and hellfires would be better.