Amx 32-105

Hi, I see the AMX 32 120 and 105 are exactly the same except for penetration.

120 mm barrel: 394mm / 0m / 0°
105mm barrel: 361mm / 0m / 0°

But these 2 tanks are in the same BR, it’s illogical. And the 105 does less damage after the pen. Is it possible to put the AMX 32-105 at BR 9.0? Or stack it in the standard AMX 32?

It’s funny because if I remember correctly, in the AMX 32 105 devblog they said it was gonna have a faster reload than the AMX 32 120, but then they gave it the exact same reload.

And the APFSDS is not that good for 9.3. I have no idea why Gaijin refuses to give the 9.3 french 105mm tanks a better APFSDS. The Super AMX 30 at least has the mobility, but the AMX 32 105 is so slow compared to everyone else at 9.3

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120 dart is same 105 dart fired from different shell. AMX-32 105 is lacking protection and a lot of horsepower tho despited devblog assuring that would stay similar.

Cant blame actual irl tank stats like engine and armor on gaijin and really blame devblog writers since they werent notified properly im guessing. But blame for not getting it better reload/br is fully on the devs.

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With reload being a “soft” stat anyway. It’s a balancing tool for the most part.