AMX-30 in 8.0

As a Spanish tank enthusiast I couldn’t wait to unlock the AMX-30 (1972), but damn, I got really disappointed by the fact it’s 8.0 now.

Like, how? How could someone possibly think putting this can in 8.0 would be a good idea? It’s almost unplayable:

  • First of all, it’s got a 105mm, yes, but with a mediocre HEAT shell. Not HEAT-FS like the AMX-13-90, no, a HEAT, with horrible speed and ballistics.

  • 0 armor. Fine, it’s an early MBT, just like the Leopard 1, but you also fight stuff like the T-55AMD, which has addon composite (if I’m not wrong). I’ve read somewhere that the AMX-30 has less protection than a Sherman, and I’m honestly beginning to believe it.

  • Unstabilized. Yes, like most of the vehicles at the time, but guh, you’re going to fight T-55s, which has got a 2 plane stabilizer, maybe even the T-62, and don’t let me get started with the Turm III, and I’m well aware other vehicles are in a similar situation.

It’s just really frustrating to play, and I don’t get why it couldn’t go back to 7.7 (or even 7.3) considering how other vehicles are treated.

Sorry for the rant, let me know what you think!


Everything is in this position…T-54-1949\1951 the same on 8.0…The armor is stronger-but in other characteristics it completely loses to tanks on this combat rating…


It is well balanced after recent updates. You might be less survivable than t54 and types but you get better mobility and gun characteristics. You have worst ammo than leo but you get superior reverse. Only OF40 is bit better than other 8.0 meds but it also too weak to be 8.3.

There are vehicles with better mobility, such as the Turm III. It’s not you’re less survivable than a T-54, it’s just you have 0 survivability, probably the worst protected MBT in the BR. I’d also trade half of the mobility to have whatever it could make this tank better. You fight vehicles with laser rangefinders, stabilizers of all kind, even with APFSDS, it’s literally unplayable.

If it went down to 7.7 (at least), it’d face early Cold War tanks and probably some very late WW2 vehicles, which would be actually balanced in my opinion.

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This is why some people avoid playing tanks around 7.7. It is frustrating to fight against stabilized tanks with darts and whatnot, but that’s the faith most of the tanks at that BR share.
It’s only fixable by moving up top tier tanks from 11.7, but we can only hope.

That being said, I think AMX-30 should be a better vehicle overall when compared to other 7.7s and especially 7.3s.

Yeah let’s place AMX-30 at 7.3 so it can absolutely bully heavies there. That would be pretty balanced in your opinion, right ?

Your survivability is on par with of 40 and leo. It is not a tank to survive shots, none of them are, learn to avoid situations where you can get shot, mobility helps with that. Most of 8.0 dont have lrf nor stabilisers and no point in comparing it to 8.3 vehicle, it is higher BR for a reason. AMX on 7.7 it would be better than every single medium tank by a lot, again, it is well placed on 8.0. Play it more careful, maybe watch some tutorials,it is very decent vehicle especially after recent BR changes.

Pretty sure its supposed to be not an ordinary HEAT shell, its stabilised by an unique way, but I doubt its modeled.

Overall worse T-55A at higher BR really, just saying.

the shell has an isolated core, the outer shell rotates while the war head remains steady so it perform better than older non fin stabilized heat round, iirc it was also more accurate than fin stabilized rounds.


BR decompression would fix lots of issues, but I sadly believe it ain’t happening. My take is the AMX-30 should be facing tanks such as the T-54, M48, Leopard 1, vehicles of the same time period (not suggesting historical matchmaking obviously).

Not suggesting to bring it down to 7.3. 7.7 is, imo, the best option, and heavy tanks begin to become somewhat useless in that BR (which is just really how it went irl).

well most of those that you mentioned are in the same br as the amx 30, in fact the amx sould be higher using that logic as the tanks from the same period are the t62s and t64s. not the t54

i do agree that decompression is needed but the change should be aimed upwards not worsening the compression at lower br

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Yes, I’m well aware there are many vehicles in the same situation survivability-wise, but when you try to flank and get sniped by an APFSDS, or just wait ages for your gun to stabilize after braking (being taken out in the process)… It’s really frustrating, but what’s more infuriating is the ammunition. It’s complete garbage and you have no other choice available, all because Gaijin just won’t model the unique HEAT the AMX-30 used.

It is in a higher BR because Gaijin attempted not to make late WWII tanks face Cold War vehicles, not because it deserves it. It was a very decent vehicle to play back then, but right now I can only stare at it in the hangar.

I definitely try to play it carefully, I move behind my team even, but when that happens, there are 2 possibilities:

  1. No profit, because it’s a hard vehicle to snipe with, specially with the horrible shell velocity.

  2. “Muh team full of rookies”, they all die and my cover is blown.

Don’t know man, the highest enjoyable BR I’ve played with France was 7.3 with the Char 25t, or 6.7 with the AMX-13. I also believe 8.0 is a complete nightmare for everyone, except for some nations.

Yeah, I also don’t like how they moved up the Leopard or some T-54s to 8.0 without changing other vehicles’ BR, just achieving to move the BR compression issue from ~6.7-7.3 to ~7.7-8.3, and I completely agree with you, top tier should be moved up so there could be space for early cold war.

Thank you, I had something like this in mind and this exact image, but i couldnt exactly explain how it works and everything.

AMX-30 is facing those vehicles quite often already. Vehicles with stabilization and darts should go up with decompression, so vehicles mentioned in your post don’t see them as often.
That’s the only real solution to this problem.

I think AMX-30 is a fair bit better than German M48 at 7.7 for example, I don’t think they should share same BR.
Heavies are yet another problem Gaijin needs to solve, not a single vehicle in the game should be deemed useless.
Moving specific vehicles up/down won’t solve anything, and will just move the problem elsewhere.

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Yes, I believe the M48 has no place in 7.7, it should go back to 7.3. Imo the ideal place for the AMX-30 would be 7.7, considering Gaijin doesn’t decompress.

Then we should move all 8.0s to 7.7 which just reverts the decompression for 6.7 - 7.3 that just happened. Same with m48. You cant fight compression with different compression. Accept that for every uptier that you need to play extra careful you have a downtier where that heat bonks some ww2 heavies. For me ammo works very well and with that mobility makes for a decent tank.

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Then please remind the Turms 3’s damage model that when the side of it’s turret gets smacked by HEATFS or APDS it’s supposed to detonate, not just go yellow with no other damage and then immediately return fire.

Happens way too often and it’s maddening.

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