Amx 30 dca in 8.7 is a shame

why this thing will go to 8.3 when it’s worse or at least not better than guepard , and others 8.3 anti air ??
this post won’t change anything aniway ,cause Gaijin will just ignore us like for the char 25t or literally half of the french tech tree that have a way higher br than their equivalents in others nation !


Yet another frog main which doesn’t understand (or more likely - is obfuscating things on purpose) that the AMX-30 DCA is a downright tank destroyer, with a belt that literally melts every single tank that it could possibly meet.

It’s superior to the 8.3 Falcon as it has a faster, far more formidable chassis, with more ammo and a radar - and it only trades it for a stabilizer. And the Falcon is an incredibly good vehicle.

The AMX-30 DCA is one of the best vehicles in the game, and I wish I had 4 of them. It annihilates tanks, is far better than the Falcon, and I would argue it is better than the Gepard. It is small, fast, and deadly. It is also immune to HMGs frontally, which the gepard is not (the falcon can be killed by 7.62mm MGs frontally.)

I would be more upset with the normal AMX-30 MBTs which are unstabilized piles of unarmored dog shit, that wobble like crazy, sitting at the same BR as things like the T-55 and the Chieftain, which are infinitely better.

I took the AMX-30 out of my lineup because it was so bad, and I instead replaced it with the Lorraine 40t, which is far better.


and it is literally better in everything than shilka, yenisey, m163 although even gepard and other 35mm ones could go to 8.7 without any problem

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While I understand that the vehicle excels in the tank killing role compared to other SPAA, moving it to 8.7 significantly reduces the tech trees ability to perform in a ground to air role anywhere 8.3 or below. I find this choice to be incredibly frustrating personally because the last 2 to 3 rounds of changes have drastically altered the lineups and playstyle of 7.0 - 8.7. We desperately need valid options right now because for example, Russia has a 7.7 and an 8.0(or 8.3 i cant remember) SPAA with radar capabilities and my 7.7 option with France is literally a truck below 6.0. The French tree is starting to feel scattered. Hopefully they have some new vehicles lined up.


Only the russia is allowed to have a radar spaa below 8.0 with added bonus of anti-tank capability. Then there is the m163 with like 43mm pen and recently fixed tracking radar but the like you don’t see any people shooting stuff in it. Plus ITA and FR players are very OP so that’s why all their stuff is overtiered.

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You’re forgetting about the Veak 40.

The only aspects that make the Falcon better is that it’s much smaller, and that it has a stabilizer, which allows it to shoot on the move much better, as well as making flick shots.

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Yenisei’s guns have 1000 rpm thus it can kill the air easier. Veak can only do 600 rpm which is literally half of the zsu and thus is more anti tank than anti air. But yeah well you are correct though since I forgor the BR change of Veak.

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I agree, why the Gepard is not the same BR puzzles me. The lack of proper french AA at around 7.7-8.3 is stupid.

you realise the advantage of the amx 30 dca compared to gepard chieftain marksman etc ?

I give you a hit
the guns or rather they way its mounted compared to gepard and chieftain

The advantage is that it gets twice as much ammo with the entirety of it being a belt with APDS.
The Gepard/PGZ09/Itpsv90 only get a separate APDS belt with 40 rounds. That’s the main advantage of the DCA I’d reckon. And it’s a big one.

Basically a Falcon without stab, is larger, but gets much more ammo and a radar. It’s not a bad pick at 8.7, but its APHE only has 53mm of pen (at 0m @0 degrees), while the 35mm autocannons get 68mm of pen APHE. I believe the 15mm more pen allows you to do a lot more; however, the 30mm APDS belt is probably still more versatile.

Is AMX 30 DCA 8.3? I think not

The Falcon and Gepard are not realistically getting killed by a .30/.50 cal machine gun respectively unless you for some reason sit still 100 meters away from an enemy and let them slowly erode your crew.

Further, the turret of the AMX has armor that is cast, reducing its effectiveness, and has weak spots as low as 15 and 10mm directly on the front, while having armor as thick as or thinner than the Gepard all around/on top. As far as 300-400 meters, .50 cal machine guns can hit the gunner, commander, vertical and horizontal drive.

Lastly, the Gepard has shells that are higher velocity (about 100m/s faster with HE and AP), have more pen with either the AP-I or APDS, and have nearly twice the explosive content with its HE shells. While these are all mostly small differences, they add up to make it on par with the Gepard and other similar systems.

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