AMX-13 mod.56 MILAN

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Welcome to another Belgian suggestion, this time we’re looking at a Belgian modification of the AMX VTT platform, the AMX-13 mod.56 MILAN.


In the mid-to-late 50s, Belgium was looking to replace to American-built M75 APCs that it had received, the replacement would eventually become the French AMX VCI. The latter was an APC based on the AMX-13 chassis. As such it did not feature the iconic oscillating turret of the French vehicle. Belgium ended up acquiring 555 units of the type, 523 of which were locally built by C.F.C. Familleureux. They operated 5 different types of the vehicle in different numbers. 305 troop transports, 72 mobile command posts, 90 mortar vehicles, 58 cargo vehicles, and 30 ENTAC vehicles. The MILAN version seems to have replaced the ENTAC model somewhat, but I’m not sure if the ENTAC’s were actually upgraded into MILAN models or if the MILANs could just be mounted on any vehicle. What is unclear is exactly how many of these vehicles existed, just like with the ENTAC version, very limited information and photographic evidence of them remains. The AMX-13 mod.56s would eventually stay in service until 1988 when they were all replaced by M113s or AIFVs.


The main armament of this vehicle obviously consisted of the MILAN missile. The weapon is placed in a single mount where the ENTAC’s cupola is. Unlike the ENTAC, the MILAN version actually requires someone to be out at the launcher to operate it, which makes the vehicle a bit more vulnerable than its predecessor. However, the MILAN offers significant improvements over the older ENTAC missile. For one the speed is improved massively from 85m/s to 200m/s, the penetration seems to be a step backward however, going from ~650mm for ENTAC down to ~530 for the MILAN. The main improvement that this weapon system brings over the previous one is in the guidance though, the MILAN has SACLOS guidance rather than the MCLOS of the ENTAC. In-game this translates to being mouse-guided rather than being key-guided, on top of this, the sight of the MILAN could also be equipped with a night vision device. I assume the vehicle would be operated by a crew of 3, consisting of a driver, gunner, and commander. Belgium made no changes to the engine of the vehicle so we can assume that normal stats apply. The roughly 15-ton vehicle was powered by a SOFAM Model 8Gxb 8-cyl. water-cooled petrol engine which produced 250hp, this gave the vehicle a power-to-weight ratio of about 16.7 hp/t and a top speed of 60 km/h.

General Characteristics:

  • Length: 5.70m
  • Width: 2.67m
  • Height: 2.41m
  • Weight: 15 Tons
  • Crew: 3 Driver, commander, gunner
  • Propulsion: SOFAM 8Gxb 8-cyl. gasoline carb. liquid-cooled 250 hp
  • Power-to-weight: 16.7 hp/t
  • Top Speed: 60 km/h
  • Range: 350 km


    • Range: 2000m
    • Top speed: 720 km/h
    • Armor penetration: 530 mm


Gameplay-wise I assume the vehicle would act similar to other ATGM carriers that are already present in-game. The vehicle’s relatively small appearance and decent mobility should allow you to operate it in a stealthy manner, making use of cover and unexpected positions to surprise your enemy and quickly disappear afterward to prevent being hunted down. your open top and exposed gunner and light armor will undoubtedly also make you vulnerable to enemy aircraft. However, your decent ATGM will make you a potent threat, especially on bigger maps. This advantage should only be exacerbated by what I’m guessing will be a relatively low br of around 7.7-8.0 where few enemy tanks will have laser rangefinders to contend with you at longer ranges.


AMX-13 mod.56 - ABL-History Forum

AMX 13 – Armée Belge Belgisch Leger

AMX-VCI - Wikipedia


Like the ENTAC version, would be great for France. Benelux too, but more likely France. +1


Great idea +1. Benelux would be my preference, but I guess it will go to France as a subtree anyway…


This would be a great addition to the French tech tree as an early missile tank, but I’d rather like to see it in a BeNeLux tech tree (or a Belgian sub-tree).

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+1 for Benelux or a Belgian subtree, but a Benelux tree would be preferable


This one is going to be the actually useful variant of the vehicle, not having really slow MCLOS atgms but SACLOS is going be a treat.

Why not having a BeNeLux sub-tech-tree in France, the same way South Africa did for Britain and Norway for Sweden in-game?

Like i said on the MTLS post, the Benelux nations have too many vehicles to be reduced to a subtree without being a huge waste. South Africa was a British colony, the Benelux nations are not French colonies, Norway and Finland do not have enough vehicles to make a full tree and are fine as subtrees, and France still has a lot of their own vehicles and prototypes waiting to be added anyway.

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Do you have a link or post dedicated for BeNeLux tech tree? I would love to see it. Even if the number of vehicles seems enough, I’m just worried it won’t be enough to fill up all the gaps for each BR and branch (Air, Ground, Naval, Helicopters). If the answer is yes then you have my support, otherwise I would not like to see it struggle like Italy, Sweden (before Norway) or Israel where huge gaps are still present and just a few BRs are overpopulated. The vehicles will end up unplayed and I would rather see some of them in-game and used by players rather than skipped and forgotten.

Well the tech tree hasn’t been moved to the new forum yet, you can still see it in the old forums but it’s a tad outdated

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