Ammunition has spalling but does not inflict damage

I believe it is common knowledge among many that the last time the game suffered from a similar bug was a few months ago, maybe up to a year, unfortunately I don’t remember exactly.

I think this bug has come back to haunt the game, at least in the last few hours. I haven’t seen any posts related to this, so I decided to create one to try to notify the developers and the rest of the community.

In general, there’s not much mystery to it, but unlike last time, the bug doesn’t cause any damage with certain types of ammunition, while with others, it’s absurd.

We can use the BMP-2M as an example, a solid projectile with no post-penetration explosive composition. Despite this, it creates spall and is very capable of disabling a player out of the battle in one or two seconds. Now it takes a barrage of shots to disable a vehicle, two or more shots per crew member.

On the other hand, we have the BMP-1, its ammunition is a low-speed explosive anti-tank grenade. HEAT in the game can be rendered useless with first-generation ERA. I was playing earlier with a friend in a T-72AV (TURMS-T), and he was destroyed by the brand-new Pbv 501 from the Swedish tech tree, as well as the SPz BMP-1, ZBD86, and the BMP-1 itself. They all fire the anti-tank grenade, a Chemical type shot, which so far, has caused damage that simply ignored the existence of ERA (Obstruction for most chemical shots like HE, HEAT, and ATGM (without secondary charge). The same happened to me, being destroyed by the same player with a single shot, and just one spall caused by the penetration disabled the driver and the commander of my vehicle in succession.

In conclusion, this bug might be a continuation of another one that was happening from yesterday to this weekend, where any type of ammunition was visually being stopped by obstructions like walls and gates, something that apparently has been fixed, and this bug mentioned in the lengthy text is emerging in sequence.

I can help by providing information to identify this bug with screenshots and replay files.