Ammo in match not available

HEY YO, I have researched all ammunition types, but they are not all available in the match. My T-44 have 6 types of ammo but in match i can choose between 4 types. I just want the BR367 and BR367P, however, when i select one of them, the other bullet type is not present in the match. Why can i just select one of them and not all i want?

Do you thinking to purchase ammo before going in battle?

When you go into a match, you can click on the ammunition to swap it out for something, for example if I had

APCBC, HEAT, HE, Smoke, and I wanted to bring APHE, I can click on the smoke to swap it out for APHE, you can only bring four ammunition types in your tank at a time, so different versions of ammunition have to be swapped out for something

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Yeah IIRC only 4 types show in the basic load-out screen - but if you click on one all types will show up and you can change numbers loaded and the order of them all,

You can also right click on tank in garrage and choose β€œTest Drive”. It opens up a window with ammo loadout. There you can play around with ammo loadout and then hit the cross in top right corner and it will save ammo loadout you set there for future battles. You don’t have to enter Test Drive map for it to save.