Ammo Detonation and the Persistent Fire

Can someone explain to me why Ammo Detonation in the Abrams series can lead to a total of 3 fires, using up all the FPE charges and eventually killing the tank? I don’t understand this mechanic and I would also like to know why sitting in a pool of Water won’t cancel the persistent fires.

I am extremely frustrated that the only solution I can think of it turning my turret to the sides and waiting for the ammo cook off to finish which takes around 3 seconds, if not longer.

Again, I am very mad and would like someone to explain in great detail why and how to prevent such absurdities in this “realistic” tank combat.

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Wait a bit before popping your FPE. A ammo rack explosion is always a roll of the dice regardless, but in MBTs your crew can survive a good while with a fire going on so it’s not immediately serious

I do, but I guess I will wait longer. Thanks

Sitting in the water! Damn you are a genius.

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You cant put it out while the ammo is burning. You basically have to wait for the ammo to burn out before using fpe. Best solution is to disengage and wait for it to burn itself out.

Not sure why they allow you to use fpe when you have an ammo fire.

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What you have to do is swing your turret to the side so it isnt burning over the engine deck. This is what is starting the fires that is killing you. this goes the same for basically all tanks with blowout panels in the turret

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I am still putting it to the test but noticed that it seems there is a hull cook-off even if there is no ammo stowed in the hull.

Would be great if more M1 players could check this.

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