American T34 heavy tank

The T34 Heavy tank is not as powerful as it should be.


Hull 102 mm
Turret 203 mm

Real life:

hull front 102–203 mm (4.0–8.0 in) maximum
gun shield 279 mm (11.0 in) maximum
turret front 303 mm (11.9 in)

Please change it!!!

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Submit a historical report with official documentation detailing this.

Also, the T34 is already more than powerful enough and this buff would probably kill the American 6.7 lineup because it would bump the T34 to 7.0. I don’t want to have to carry the 6.7 lineup with the M6A2E1.


I just want the armor layout changed.

Then make the T30 a 6.7.

Why ? Who has that tank ?

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The T30 is 6.7. It’s an event vehicle though. I think you’re talking about the T29 which is 7.0 precisely because it’s too good to be 6.7. Also, premium pack vehicles should not be relied on to carry a lineup. You should not need to own a $40 USD premium to carry a lineup.



And no i’m talking about the T30

So your solution to uptiering America’s best heavy tank and killing its lineup is to downtier a heavy tank nearly no one has that costs over $100 on the market?

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thats not how that works???


That’s not how War Thunder works.

lol sorry, reading this made me laugh. heh

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I’ve seen you mention this before and I think I should add to everyone that comes across this thread that these values come directly from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia says that the value come from “Firepower: A History of the American Heavy Tank”, by Richard Pearce Hunnicutt, but the values stated in Wikipedia don’t exactly match those in the book. For example, Wikipedia says 102-203 mm thickness on the hull front, but the book says 70-102 mm.


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The gun shield and do you mind telling that source?

As stated in the original reply, it is “Firepower: A History of the American Heavy Tank”.