American MBT-70 and XM803 are terrible

The tanks mentioned in the title are absolutely awful right now. I know they got “better angles” on their sabots, but now the penetration is so low everything stops it from fenders to road wheels to the first crew member it hits eating the whole sabot. I have hit multiple tanks in the direct side just to have a fuel tank eat it or the track to stop it cold. Also to my knowledge these two tanks (other than the Kpz-70) have the worst sabot at their br with awful armor. The only thing they have going it the fact that it has good mobility. Please tell me this is going to be addressed. Cause they are literally donation machines right now.

There are, to my knowledge, already bug reports on the XM578E1. However this is Gaijin we’re talking about so it might be better to skip straight to the Abrams tanks instead of dealing with underperforming SABOTs.