American Ground vs French Ground

Lately i’ve been grinding both America and France and just now i asked myself what would be the better choice. I’m getting closer to modern day vehicles like the Leclerc and Abrams so my question is which country should i mainly focus on because they both seem pretty good.

Please help me decide like seriously!

Ofc USA.

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Well, overall American weapons are pretty good however there are massive weak points on some vehicles. So, unless you can actually provide a reason why i should pick America i might actually consider it.

Better mobility, better protection, and better survivability.
Abrams surpasses Leclerc in almost all aspects in WT.

Seems fair enough i guess.

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But keep in mind, if you play France you get the privelages to bitch about your nation online. Big plus.



if I’m not wrong, the leclerc commander has no thermal. I prefer autoloader, the leclerc has; France has 3 leclercs and USA only 1 Abrams with thermal 2 ? 3 ? the hd one haha.

Yeah, they don’t have thermials i think but if you think about it the abrams have more noticeable and obvious weak points with the turret. Since people barely play France high tier they aren’t really familiar with weak points and correct me if im am wrong but, leclerc’s have longer barrels and less weight to them possibly being more faster than the abrams so maybe in this case the leclerc’s are better.