American Desert

You just cant stop yourselves from ruinings things, another good map destroyed. How about you instead make a new map without any features at all like a big concrete plate, for people who cant deal with difficult positions.


You will get used to it anyway

And then there are people who wonder why when they kill someone what they do is leave the game without taking out another tank, because it makes no sense to play on this garbage map. Come on, destroy the game more and more, which seems to be the case. the best they know how to do.


You mean, you’ll 1DL or Exit without even spawning?

Got another good idea! Make this concrete plate only 200mx200m with one spawn in the middle for both teams. Plus the spawn is the cap.


We could all spawn in two neat horizontal rows, then wait for the countdown to reach zero, and fire. It’s high noon! :D


No, I mean you will get used to it anyway

Not only does it negatively impact gameplay, visually it looks terrible.

What did they change?

Map corrections have been made based on your feedback during the Roadmap for the following maps: Poland, Karelia, American Desert, 38th Parallel, Normandy, Jungle, Middle East.

The announcement doesn’t reveal anything.

edit: ok I saw the changes on YouTube, they got rid of some hidey spots where you can drive on the safe side of a hill, plus they removed a sniper hill which will annoy snipers. I’ll still be murdered by CAS though. Nothing new for me. Just less sneaking around map edges.

I like the changes.

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They put giant rocks on any location where flanking is possible. It looks really dumb because now the town is in a bowl. It’s now not possible to go on any hill (something they are doing with the changes to all maps). Russian tanks don’t have good gun depression so it explains why they are getting rid of hills.

So the utility of wheeled/fast vehicles is lost on this map. This is looking at C (the church). The entire open area to the north has been removed:

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Could you explain what it is that you like about the changes?

That there is more cover on the opposite side of the tracks at A is the main thing, This is admittedly highly subjective.

I agree with you about that part, but it does create a better defensive position at A against the northern spawn, which already was severely exposed if trying to approach A.

I agree that its dumb that maps are getting flatter, but its not for that reason. I’m guessing that gaijin is making maps simpler to appeal to the largest group of players (casual players). Hills/dips add so much extra depth to a battle, but gaijin doesn’t want depth sadly.

Reminds me on Middle East a year ago. I just headed for a power position I regularly used on that map, just to find a new, very artificial looking rock formation blocking the whole thing. Or the western flanking route through this open area on this Breslau map. I went there to get around the enemy blob, suddenly noticing an offmap timer counting down to zero. :(

Something similar they did on one of the Tunesian map types. The whole northern cliff is blocked now. WT more and more promotes CQC combat in very disturbing mazes, cluttered with fences, trees, bushes, obstacles of all types. Bruuuh. Be it narrow street mazes in a city, industrial compounds or something similar just with rocky passages etc.

Its also bad for chopper and CAS gameplay. These map mazes make things like the Tiger UHT borderline useless. Also applies for amushers like the Wiesel, Krizantema, basically most IFVs. Its mainly just a MBT spam. All spread out into the maze. Chaotic action and shotouts for 3-4 minutes. Then everyone is dead & left…few more minutes of mopping up the last few guys. Thats it.

Its not really fun. At least 3D sound should be removed. With that everyone already knows behind what corner the enemy is^^


I thought the map was a little odd, that people could duck along the edges of the map, just out of sight. I don’t know how I feel about this now. I usually get trashed in my Italian 6.7 vehicles no matter what I try. I recently found out there is 1 medium tank with decent armour so I spent the silver lions, I regret not doing that sooner

As of last week I’ve uninstalled the game because I’m finished for the time being. The game kinda sucks on Series S, I’m sure it’s much better on Series X, so maybe I’ll come back when I’ve got Series X and then I will install the HD texture pack from the store :)

Maybe for simulation mode.

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Is this the future of ground RB, Gaijin is just going to release flat maps with a few boulders and their spastic moving trees?

The map is garbage now. It’s just flat, lacks any imagination. No idea what their intentions are with this map? Why did it need to have the slopes removed? What was wrong with the previous version?

I only wish with Premium I could ban more than one map.


I have basically “soft bsnned” maps like this and 38th parallel: they’re part of the list of maps when I’m extremely unlikely to respawn after first death. I just don’t enjoy them at all.

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I’ve run out of filter options so I just quit to the hangar.

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