America should get other Nations vehicles like the MiG-15 bis, MiG-17, MiG-19, MiG 21, MiG23, MiG-29A, Su-27 MiG Me 262, King Tiger, etc

They already are lol

That ones happing im pretty sure
But this whole thing isn’t needed as we end up with nations that just have everything
Like look at the tanks the British got over the years that aren’t them they would just have everything

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Where is the American MiG-15bis/MiG-17 in the game?

I mean, it would be fine if they are implemted as just camoflage because they are still looks cool but, implementing as new vehicles are just bs.

We have American Bf 109 F-4s and Fw 190 A-8s only because Gaijin tried to get the game into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2013 or 2014.

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I don’t really care if Russia did get NATO vehicles if did them good for them. also only mentioned Russian Vehicles primarily because most of the German vehicles captured by the United States is a bit hard to find information on and there aren’t really any other nations apart from Germany. also, China already has a bunch of American Vehicles because of Taiwan so it won’t really make much of a difference

That is important. For combat, i wpuld say that they would of been in service and used in actual combat.

My personal line would be vehicles that the nation/nation group had in service. Aka it was officially in a unit. I would be willing to entertain vehicles not in service but captured from a nation they were actively at war with and tested

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well I think they should be added to the American Tech Tree but NOT AS a premium, event vehicle, battle pass vehicle, or a normal Tech Tree vehicle, but more as a reward for researching all of the tech tree (researching, purchasing, and spading every vehicle in the tech tree, air and ground), you’d still have to research and buy them tho. you’d also need to be lvl 100 and have 2/3 or 3/4 of all the medals.

also germany has the P-47, yak-1, and IL-2.

I do agree with that the United States does have plenty of vehicles that could be added, but I was thinking more of

The United States also has a MiG-25… we got it back in 2003…

USA used mig21s and mig23s in training

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Who knew the Russians sent by the US 2 of their heavy tank prototypes? Neato.

Also, your statement when it came to "B-17E’s only being used for testing would be factually incorrect Japan did put them into service in a bombardment unit however in fear of misidentification they were recalled and for display.

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I know, I didn’t mention the Mig-25 in the original post for 2 reasons:

  1. it’s not in the game yet.
  2. The Mig-25 that the United States does have (at least that is publicly known that is) isn’t complete.

Well the 21 and 23 that they had worked fine
They might of used newer ones in training but we don’t know we only know they used 21 and 23
25 they lost interest in when the took apart the one the Japanese got just to find out it was a interceptor that cant turn

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America has enough American vehicles, built on American ground by American engineers. There is no need in something not native .

Most of these were subject to lots and lots of testing, as for Soviet fighters the mig-23 is the only one I know for sure American pilots flew, but certainly that was not the only one. Anyways us should get king tiger to give German mains a taste of their own medicine.

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No need for Germany to have KV series but what do you know? As event vehicles or premium all of these are fine.

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Then remove the Sherman’s from every country except for Israel (their Sherman is sufficiently unique) and French Sherman’s with autoloader turret. Remove F-16 from every other country but USA, because “if you want to play those vehicles, play the other trees” no American fighters for anyone but the USA, unless it’s crazy modified. No spitfire for any other country, no t series for anyone but Russia (China exception as they also follow similar doctrine and build their own license made t series back in the day) I could go on, there is no reason why the us should not get at least a few of the vehicles he talked about.


If they pressed the tiger into service, im down for it being added. Sim players would cry but, in my experience, you dont need to be in a captured vehicle for some idiot to teamkill you.

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No interest for game sake.

Yeah fat no

Too many requirements, you don’t see people having to jump through so many hoops to play the current captured or tested vehicles. If they are added that’s fine in whatever manner they decide. Could put them off to the side like with Maus so people aren’t forced to research them but can if they want. I don’t see why people hate the idea of other nations using these vehicles if there is sufficient evidence that captured or used them in some capacity. China gets Taiwan vehicles in the game yet they aren’t allies and don’t even acknowledge Taiwan as a country where is the outrage both from these people and Chinese players? I bet these people enjoy the current nations that do have vehicles from other nations but gawk with disdain at giving the US tree and additions that would be decent against their main nation.

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