Am I the only one who feels this way?

Is it just me or does it feel like the developers are once again not caring about us and ignoring us by doing things that players don’t want, such as today’s BR changes, I have a question for the developers, why did you raise the BR of post-war vehicles, of course to prevent WWII vehicles from fighting against post-war vehicles, and then these changes not only caused many vehicles to lose their era and sleep in it, but after a few months they raised their BR without restoring them to their old eras, that’s just my opinion and observations, please be civil in the discussion.


They are probably going to do that step by step starting from lower BRs and continuing to higher ones.

It all depends on how fast the subsequent adjustments higher up will come.

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Because while you might want one thing, another player might want something different, and a 3rd something different again. You speak for yourself, and noone else. “The community” is not a collective in their opinions, and does not want just one thing. So who do they listen to? The majority of players do not interact at all with the company and simply plays the game, they vote with their time and money, people on the forums complain a lot, but rarely actually propose real solutions that would work, and often dont understand what changes are acutally doing and what their intentions are. Take your comment for example,

This is not why they increased the BR’s of vehicles in the 7.0-9.0 bracket. they moved them up to continue the decompression, which starts with the top br, and works its way down, so the 9.7-11.3’s get changed, then the 7.0-9.3’s then the 5.3-6.7’s and so on.

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It definitely feels like they’ve done the bare minimum to quell the riots and review bombings, but they are settling back into their normal routine of not listening to the player base at all. A majority of updates don’t have any tangible benefit to the community outside of the better premium accounts and updates to accidental teamkills. But the map updates are largely unwanted, the br decompression isnt as necessary as the vehicle folders, and the new vehicle icons in your tech trees are a DOWNGRADE. But this is all guised as updates that “we wanted” when in reality the only people that gaijin asked were content creators and people who’s job is to play this game. They never polled or asked for individual player feedback. No significant effort was put into making the game better. Only fixing things that should’ve been fixed long ago. I give it a year, maybe two before this game either has serious player count issues or another outright riot due to lack of action on gaijin’s part.


You are 100% right, I would like to see posts on the forum that would complain about M26, that it is OP and should be given a bigger BR, that Tiger 1E needs BR 6.0, if anyone is from the old guard, they remember that Tiger used to be on 6.0 and that there was a bad BR for him, where someone made a post that pantera A must have 6.0, where someone wrote that pantera 2 must have 7.0 and tiger 2 105, where someone wrote that tiger 2 P must have 6.7, when it was said that m41 in Germany must have have 6.7, where someone wrote that the jumbo must have 5.7 or t25 6.3 etc etc, and it can be changed anyway, I’m asking who wanted these changes, because apart from Vidar which should have 8.3 and object 279 for which the players were asking for a higher BR, the rest of the vehicles were good on their BRs, I liked WW2 because it had a good BR balance, now everything went to hell because gaijn wanted it that way.