Am i in the wrong?

Basicly all that happened was I joined a top tier match and sombody was in a low tier strike/bomber, i killed them, and his friend whom was in a su27 and brought him to top tier then proceeded to try killing me. He lacks skill so i killed him too. In the end i friendly killed 2 people but i feel both were justifiable. Under containing his priv chats to me saying hes going to do what he can to get me banned aswell as him just being salty about failing to kill me.


You are in the wrong for teamkilling. Teamkilling is against the rules, and doing so puts you in the wrong. it is that simple. Ik it can be irritating to have deadweight on the team, but as long as that player actually tries to play the game they are not doing anything wrong in the eyes of the rules of the game. You should not teamkill, ever.


What TEC said.
You aren’t the f’in WT Gestapo who gets to demand how others play the GAME. You really do deserve a ban for “unsporting” toxic asshatery.
And beyond that. I have seen games won because someone brought an under-tiered plane that was kicking around and were last plane standing when the other team crashed themselves out.

Dont worry abt it. I kill props in top tier all the time and im still here


idk if you saw the missile but he did attempt to team kill me. He launched a r73 straight at me and i dodged it

and at the end of the day, you are the one who broke the rules and copped an SL punishment and guess what?

Nothing changed. It’s not worth.

Not saying that you are right, but i understand.

You started the team killing; hence, you are alone responsible. It makes no difference if the individuals you are team killing are newbies dragged into higher-tier battles, if they are acting passively, or whatsoever; it justifies absolutely nothing. Doing this a couple more times will place you in a bad situation that will not end well.

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You were in the wrong for TKing and provoking.

They are also in the wrong if they’re rude back to you.
Bringing in reserves to 12.3 matches isn’t against the rules; It’s not done via exploit, it’s not done out of malice.
And if people have their way and we get air RB EC you’ll see people bringing props without being in squads.
So yeah… don’t teamkill.

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In the end i friendly killed 2 people but i feel both were justifiable.

Your perception of justice and morality is very questionable.
We don’t have many rules here in WarThunder. But if there is one, it is that there is NO and really NO justification for teamkills.
No matter how much you feel annoyed, mistreated or disadvantaged by someone else on your own team, there is no reason for it. And certainly not in a “friendly” way.

And if I understand correctly, the situation arose solely because you felt it was unfair that someone else deliberately failed to contribute to the battle. Then, when someone else wanted to take jurisdiction into their own hands wrongfully, you came along and said that he was too stupid to do so, so I also gave him a good smacking.
And in the chat you even have the ignorance to say “nothing will happen to me”.
Then you come to the forum and try to justify the whole thing again and get absolution?
Wow … were you punished a lot in your childhood or at school? Attempts at compensation? You don’t even question your own behaviour. But the others should do it for themselves. Double standards are a fine thing …
Since the topic of team skills has been coming up again and again recently, I hope that there will finally be some tough changes.



If I applied Your logic, I would have to teamkill You everytime I see You in the ground as You are giving enemy free SP instead of helping the team.

Do you know the term when everyone follows their own understanding of justice without paying attention to the consequences?

Yeah! It’s called “having fun”!

Then you won’t have a problem if someone comes to your home and destroys your computer. That’s also great fun.

I guess there is something wrong with ur life. Otherwise you wouldn’t compare game with rl.

You should be banned, yes

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But it is fun why should be something wrong with this? Ah, I see, different rules apply to me. Sorry, how could I have missed that.

You are wrong.
No TK in WT can be justified.
TK is against the rules.
Taking low rank vehicles to top rank battle is not against the rules.

Please re-read forum and game rules before you create more content on our forum.