Am i considered as a wallet warrior?

Am i considered a wallet warrior as i have the F5C, J35A, Su-7BMK, T72 Turms, CV90105 and the ju 288c which i bought a nice time ago but i have no premium account and mostly play the premium vehicles if i want to research something quickly.Kind of regret purchasing those but i did put most of them to good use.


Do you care? 🤷‍♂️


Not really

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free to play players who call you a wallet warrior are effing idiots.

If people didn’t spend money on the game, there wouldn’t be any game.

It’s that simple.


I wouldn’t, I have a few premiums, but it doesn’t really matter that much, the only way I’d call someone a “wallet warrior” is if their entire lineup for a nation or two is solely premium vehicles/squadron vehicles, unless your trying to grind.

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Nothing wrong with it, look at it this way . . . no “wallet warriors” - no game. People who spend money/support the game keep it free to play for all of those that don’t. The only folks that use the term as a “derogatory” remark usually got killed by some premium vehicle they don’t have and many also think premiums give some sort of game play advantage . . which they don’t. So I’d advise, don’t worry about it . . . people that resort to name calling to those that are different from them are a BIG part of what is wrong in the world these days. Just tell them “thanks” and go on about your business . . . even tho no reply is prolly better and they should be thanking you actually. . . . . .


Being labelled a wallet warrior has very little to do with you purchasing these vehicles; it’s more so to do with the presumption that you have no idea how to play those vehicles and in turn, causing your team to lose.


That ^

Also the label is thrown around because the other party is just jealous of you ^^…

So… dont let anyone get you down, you just have to shrug it off when it is thrown around

And you never know if players actually paid any money for their lineups. Thanks to the market, it could all be free.

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It’s just assumed that if you have low battles and event vehicles that you simply bought them. The point is to insult the person using those vehicles, using fact isn’t high on the priority list.

What’s really annoying is those who are raging constantly at the players when they should be raging at themselves rather than even the game itself…

Anything premium gets them, they get all upset at the player, then rage about the game and the company rather than acknowledging that they died from their own causation on the regular.

It’s just an excuse, much the same as blaming the team for the loss.

It’s been masked as ‘venting’ for a long time, but it’s merely septic attitudes.

Just remember bro, wallet warrior > welfare warrior


Many games adopt ethical business models that avoid offering competitive advantages in exchange for money, and these games perform well. In fact, I would confidently assert that they tend to achieve greater overall success…

Wallet warrior used to mean you bought enough Golden Eagles to buy your way to top tier. The term for you is you’re a whale. You bought some premiums. You put money into the game.

We can have balanced premium vehicles that refrain from granting direct power advantages. It’s unnecessary to sacrifice the integrity of the gaming experience solely for profit. Many games have adopted more ethical business models while continuing to thrive.

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The problem I imagine is how OP many are. Development advantages and credits, OK

Technical advantages is ugly, it is enough to use them full development from minute one.

Wallet warrior means that you have achievied nothing by yourself and you bought your way up, i.e. lvl 10 player with 11.0 lineup made of premium/market vehicles.

What’s the problem with wallet warriors ? Making games cost money, and if nobody pays for playing, the game is not sustainable.

My only issue is with people that don’t know how to handle their planes and TK a lot, and 90% of them are with premiums.

Yep, that’s what I can’t stand either, one premium, no lineup, and leaving the team in a poor state because of the positive responses from YouTuber and player who are considered good at war thunder calling it good, so you instantly think your going to be good when getting it and then using a YouTuber style lineup of 1-2 vehicles when in reality, it takes YouTubers hundreds of matches to get about 20-30 minutes of footage for a video