Am I banned from War Thunder Chat?

I played war thunder today and when I tried to use the Chat all it says “Chat is not available” does that mean I’m banned from chat? Because that’s the first time I saw that, and yes I may know why because I used the F word and I’m sorry:( but for how long would the ban be, and can I appeal?

If you were banned in chat, you would get a message saying so.

At the moment the chat has been entirely blocked off for almost all players.

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same with me, i think the chat unavailable for all player today, maybe some sort of bug or just the dev thing. . . ., just wait for the update or news


they gave a day of silence to every player in the game praising the people that died yesterday.


It’s another famous community disabled chat.

For a company that’s not Russian…as soon as anything serious occurs with Russia (example: February 2022 chat disabled x2), they sure feel the need to disable chat.

It’s not like horrible things are not happening around the world at any other time.


We all got Chat Banned because we are funny! :D