Am I allowed to send a De-Classified document?

I am asking before I do anything rash because I don’t want to risk getting banned or anything of the sort. (400+ hours 2nd most played game for me).

I have come across some de-classified documents that talk about the Mig-21-F-13 and there are some differences between War Thunder, and the document. Seeing as it is DE-classified I don’t see a problem with sharing but I know there have been problems in the past with other things so i wanted to ask first.

Please don’t hurt me, I am asking first :(

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  • Is your document older than 40 years?

  • does your document state that it’s declassified?

  • was it classified in the first place?

It was classified, but has the declassification mark on it with a name and a date, and it is older than 40 years

then I believe you are safe to post it

send it in as a suggestion or as a Report if you want it to be heard

Alright thank you!

As mentioned… just make sure it is proven to be declassified when posting

Thanks guys!

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