Alt-tab now gives me an 'easy anti cheat' warning. Should I be worried?

Ok so, I often alt-tab during the game, for example when my bomber is gliding back to base. I alt-tab and watch a few memes, then alt-tab back to war thunder juuust before I crash into the floor :P

But now when I do so I get an easy anti cheat warning ?
Does that mean we cant alt-tab safely anymore?

Game crashed with ‘fatal exception’ twice now. Going to try full-window instead of full-screen.

Ok so been playing fullscreen-windows for 30 minutes now and that seems to solve the problem. However I’m still worried about easy-anti-cheat giving a warning when someone uses alt-tab ??

Anyone from the devs know why that is?
Working as intended or a bug ?

Probably just a bug

I wish you bombers did not alt-tab out and watch youtube because i prefer that you was in control of your turrets 😆

Anyway its passive, cant get anymore passive then flying to edege of map being afk

It’s like a 3 minute slow dive back to base and I have never hit anything as a tail gunner. Also often I have youtube vid in the background, but wher planes/tanks are coming close I need to hear them so I need a quick alt-tab to pause the video.

That is my point 😆

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Nah, I been trying 10 years, for some reason playing inverted and being tail gunner dont work out :P

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