ALt+F4 each day

First: thank you for all the positive changes lately.
But: i cant stand it anymore. Same maps over and over and over and over.
I play BR 10 to top tier in GB and i DONT (or very rare) get what i consider high tier maps:

Cargo Port
Alaska/Ground Zero
Red Desert
Fire Arc
Port Novorssiysk
Battle of Hurtgen Forest
European Province/Eastern Europe
Golden Querry
Aral Sea
Sun City


Maginot Line
Test Site (I alt+F4 this crap, it comes up to 4 times in a row and has no fun with this BR)
El Alamein
American Desert (one of the worst map after the changes)
Normandy (all versions day after day)
Seversk ( 6 times at least each day)
Iberian Castle (again 6 times each day)
Flanders (i like this map but again very often each day)
Abandoned Town ( Good map but aswell many times)
Sinai ( omg i am so sick of it, alt f+4 and playing Warno or BG3…)
Fields of normandy ( wow what a disaster map on high tier…)
Abandoned Factory
Vietnam (gulp)
Arctic Pier

I banned ashriver and tryed to dislike certain maps but it happened they do not come often anymore but therefor its gets worse with other maps repeating…

I am a new born one death leaver since i try to grind the Italy Scout vehicles which are useless on most maps that i always getting. I need big maps with space to move, to flank and no flat plane maps where i can only move forward and have head on fights or even in citys or shooting from spawn to spawn. I never felt so burned out grinding vehicles.

If there just would be a “real random” map rotation relatet to BR…

I will not say stay or go or something bad. I understand your reasons and it is sometimes the best you can do when you feel bad and drained from a game. It is a game and it should bring you joy.
I hope you can comeback with new energy after a break.

Keep your head up.

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I personally one spawn when playing top tier if I don’t get night map.

anywaysssss, Gaijin needs to introduce timer for randomization in map rotation.

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thx for this kind words

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they could just give us 3 maps to vote for each match like other games do, the majority of the votes will win and makes the map.

I appreciate that opinions on maps is entirely personal preference, but your list of high tier maps includes some very tight and close quarters maps, which I fail to see how they could be considered suitable for high tiers.

I think that the basic categorisation of gameplay styles is either wide open or close quarters. The best maps can provide both styles.

A filter allowing a choice (or combination of) between both styles would be more appropriate. The current filter concept just isn’t appropriate. The map changes have strongly negatively impacted gameplay and teams simply evaporate faster than ever.

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The list contains at least 6 maps that are large which i dont did get for days now. Like Fulda or red desert. I am not stating that every map i dont get is perfect at this BR but at least i like them and i didnt list many low tier maps for obvious reason, also i didnt only list negative maps that i have dayly and often many times in one day or even in a row. Its the fact i get the same maps each day and there is a lot of other map i d like to play.