Alright the petard spam is pretty funny

Like watching a horde of zombies rush people down.
Edit: Some child false-flagging this as inappropriate. Yes I’m talking about you.


Good grief, people have them already?

I rather wonder how some people can pull down 35k in 1 1/2 hours. Or is it rather GE out of impatience? Either way, the snail wins.

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I saw a bunch of them minutes after the event started so I’m pretty sure most of them were bought with GE.

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minutes? Oh man … FOMO alert ^^ Let’s take this opportunity to thank them for keeping the game alive in a certain way.

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Literally. I started playing less than 10 minutes after event started and already saw 3 on a team.

They give test drives out to SM “content creators” (Utoobers) too.

Got killed twice by one in a match today

You do not seem to be able to explode the dustbin in the tube, ouch.

Bot of course the STURMTIGER has to suffer that treatment. Stupid anti german bias

But you see, the Sturmtiger has a whole 80mm of side armor, so much armor that a reserve tank can probably kill it. That is fair.

Meanwhile the poor Petard only has a meager youcantpenthis amount of armor so clearly the ammo can’t be detonated on the barrel or that would be unfair.

No, this is unfair. Either the Sturmtiger can no longer be killed by shooting the rocket in the tube, or the Petard can. I am sick of my proud fatherland being tread on in this game.

I saw a YT-video where this was possible … maybe they changed it again.

I’ve shot plenty of petards (the ammo I mean) in the barrel and did nothing except sometimes damaging the barrel.

I don’t know… maybe I was unlucky and in all of these instances the ammo wasn’t loaded yet.

I shot one and did 0 damage to him and he shot shortly after, so was loaded.