(Alpha Strike) Higher sensitivity on PS5

Hello, is there any reasons to increase the menu sensitivity (mouse)?

Since the update I can’t be accurate any more in shell number selection and other stuffs.

Where is the control for this sensitivity?

Thank you.

PS : Radar revamp look good now, I have a huge radar on my screen but angles and range are written with the tiniest police I’ve seen on the game…

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Controls> common>view controls maybe, correct me if i am wrong im suew you will find it

I’m assuming you meant the font. I noticed this too. I’ve tried adjusting the radar scope scale but it does nothing. But sounds/looks like they messed up the font for the radar. You can see the difference in the font sizes between the aircraft info/rwr and the radar side in this screenshot.

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Yes that what I wanted to point, thank you.

Hello and thank you, infortunaly this one only control the view sensitivity in hangar (looking at vehicle) the only “mouse” sensitivity I find was the stickers controls…
I’m afraid it (mouse/menu sensitivity) is linked with aiming controls, but I can’t touch it; I’ve made so much custom controls and fine tuning I don’t want to touch thoses …

@Stona_WT Hi, is that intended that the last update increased “mouse” sensitivity in menu etc?

Do you have D-pad?

D-pad? I use my PS5’ Controller.

I am sure you have a D-pad just like on xbox, the round 1 with left right up down

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Try using them

Yup it work pretty well by switching from a button to another, thank you. But I’m still curious, I need to know if there is an option to tune sensitivity of “mouse” and why they increase it.

I know before update it was slow, i actually found it annoyingly slow and used dpad to move around quicker so i welcome the speed increase to some extent took a bit of getting used to.

Attack the D-Pad 😆

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It was slow on you? That is maybe because I boost general pad sensitivity in the controls before tuning each axis, so in this case it is related to general sensitivity and haven’t a dedicated line in controls…

HS : Anyone know what is that control (ship) look like it was freshly added :