Alpha Jet ICE and other variants?

yes I would call this an ECM Pod, just because it isn’t suspended from an outboard pylon that doesn’t make it not a Pod

how else would you call it? ECM can? ECM block?

also I know this picture, however it doesn’t say where they planned to actually mount the sidewinders should the project have been done, after all the Mockup of the planned project showed them on wingtip mounts

ECM Rack, to me pod implies it being external and self contained

And also, we are getting the upgraded 80s variant, as evident by the ECM antenna that werent on the initial production ones


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in game that would be functionally no diffrent from the original version tho

unless they add paper/mockup weapons like sidewinders and Maverick to it

for that we’ll have to see til the devblog/dev server is there

the original version wouldnt have flares/chaff nor RWR (which is part of the ECM suite)

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where does it say that?

the page you posted said the upgrade consisted of 2 Radar Jammers

It won’t be the first time, in fact. Although, I think if it had come with that configuration we would have seen it in the trailer.

exactly, thus im expecting dumb ordenance and a BR of 8.7-9.3

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yk I’d really love to believe the Alpha had RWR and CMs, that’d make it a lot more useful lf a plane

but I’ve simply not found any evidence of that yet, not even at Dornier where this exact page you posted is also displayed


radar countermeasures dont really work if you dont have an RWR to know what pings you. But it seems like there is no interface in the cockpit, only audio tones (the last picture I sent includes the audio/distribution box under point 16).

For flare/chaff, this is easier to prove

Picture from a Portuguese (Ex-German) Alpha Jet


in the source I mentioned above there is talk of an “improved radar warning system”. I have no idea what that “Improved” means. It feels like I already had RWS and they wanted to improve it… I’ll see if I can investigate further.

  • where is this page from, do you have a full manual?
    if yes can you DM it to me?

  • do you have any proof that the CMs were already fitted while they were in german service?

is the portuguese (old German)


40+57, you can see the slightly boxy CM launcher.


yes, but who knows if the Portuguese added CMs or if it was already there when they got it

where is that page from/do you have a full manual?

I’ll see what I find

Alpha Jet Flight Manual from 1986, and yes I have the full


can I have it?

if no, why not?

Forum doesnt allow for pdf files anymore (I wonder why lmao) and on the internet its only available paid

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