Alpha Jet ICE and other variants?

It is quite surprising the Alpha Jet is not yet in the game, still i’d say its a matter of time for it to be added. The standard Alpha Jet A is a marginal upgrade to the G.91 R/3 for germany.

But I would like to talk about the upgrade programs Germany conducted for this plane. The ICE (Improved Combat Efficiency) upgrade program looked into adding Mavericks and Aim9L but it got cancelled. Taking into account we now have vehicles which can use armament that was only planned for them (Yak-141, F-16AJ, etc…) i’d say an Alpha Jet ICE is very possible. Its hard to find info on the upgrades for the German Alpha jet, if someone has any more info please post it here. I also read despite the ICE program getting cancelled another upgrade integrated Aim9Ls, can somone confirm?

Possible German Alpha Jet Variants:


-Alpha Jet A:
x6 bombs (standard and cluster)

-Alpha Jet A (late)
Same as standard but with integrated Aim-9L?

-Alpha Jet A ICE
Integration of Maverick (not sure how many)
Integration of Aim-9L


I found this book, it is supposed to talk about: “This second and final part of our historical accounts of the Dornier Alpha Jet in Luftwaffe service continues with additional developments of the aircraft and planned combat efficiency improvements starting during the early 1980s.”


If someone has access to it please share.

laziness on gajin part to make that new model, the alpha jet would have filled the exact same job as the copy pasta swedish hunter. but they decided to just give germany the copy pasta hunter and let germany get flak from britain and france for getting the hunter


I saw this picture the other day on a post. Does anyone have more info? I guess the planned loadout could be x4 mavericks on the pylons and x2 Aim-9s on the wings…


Theoretical model, the upgrade never happend

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Yes, I know… read the first post

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yes and that means we wont see it in the game, it is purely theoretical a paper plane

The plane is very much real. The theoretical stuff is its armament. There are many examples of other planes that have recieved theoretical armament…

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those planes were still build, the alpha jet ice never existed, we only have the alpha jet

Does the ICE version have any fisical differences apart from new pylons? If there are some differences id think they are very minor and would not be a considerable restrain for the plane to be added…

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again the ICE never happend, the plane doesnt exist, the plans for it do not exist because it was abandond and wasnt further progressed. there is no concret goals for it because it never reach a further stage in development

You speak of it as if it is a new plane. It was a planed upgrade to an existing plane wich included new avionics, systems and armaments. Not a new plane… ICE is just a designation for an existing plane. At the end of the day its up to Gaijin decision, in the meantime it would be nice if people with more info could post it here to share.

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that makes it a new plane, because its base capabilities got changed so much it is a new plane, thats like saying the tornado marineflieger and assta 3.1 are the same plane, no they are 2 completly seperate models

wrong it is the new designation for a new model of the plane

again there is no info, only guesses from hearsay what it could have been, because there is other nations that did similar upgrades which germany didnt do

What about the L-39? There are combat variants of that jet and it’s very similar to the Alpha Jet. Heck, the Battlepass plane for this run is a British jet trainer with a similar mission and loadout.

Hawk too. Its kinda crazy they’ve not added these kinds of aircraft. Depending on variant and loadout they could add quite a few, at quite a few BRs and they’d even make great Premiums

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the exhibition at Dornier where I took this picture said they had planned to give it modernised avionics, a Digital cockpit with MFDs, AGM-65 and AiM-9 Launchrails (never specified where) and that they planned to integrate an ECM pod

however I didn’t take pictures of those documents as they were very crowded

Outer wing pylon is what was tested

Sure its an ECM pod? Cause ECM was integrated as a slot in replacing the rear seat, this actually went full service


In the 80’s there were real plans to equip Alpha Jet (also Tornado) with Maverick and Aim-9L. I guess the fall of the Soviet Union ended those projects.


In a declassified intelligence document from the Argentine air force, the plans of the Luftwaffe in the 1980s and their projection in the 1990s are discussed.

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These are great info! Hope we can gather more to make a suggestion of a “late” variant of the Alpha Jet A since it seems we are getting the initial very “simple” variant next update.

we are getting the only version that was actually used by the Luftwaffe

since ECM isn’t in the game yet that wouldn’t be a reason for a second Alpha to be added