Almost giving up spading the T-90A

Because of how bad it is, then up until I decide it’s the last match before I put it on the shelf and never touch it ever again, then it gave me a nuke


Man t-90A,t-80b was so hard to spade for me personally when i was grinding ussr tech 10-14 kills was not enough for modules :( it was pain hard pain especially holding w my middle finger was so always tired i had to take breaks every so often :(


t90A isn’t that bad tbh i used it as a sniper with 3bm60 killing them on range
Yes its not the best tank but also not the worst 10.7 tank

I like the T-90 but it’s my personal bias, I’ve always taken it to 11.7; not because I think it’s worthy of the BR but to get away from all the T-72AV and 2S38 players

this has to be a troll post.

I’m struggling to spade it, a lot of games I have deaths with no-kill, it has one of the worst gun handlings in the top tier, and it also has the poorest mobility in that respective br (things like Leopard 2s and Abrams run circle around it), it does have a very good sight zoom and ammunition, but due to the poor gun depression (-4 degree, which is the lowest of them all in late T-series) it limits how many viable sniping spots you can use so you can rarely utilizes the advantage of having good optic, most of the maps it would be better you play it very aggressively and pushing, this is entirely my take anyway based on my playstyle, this is not an easy vehicle to play due to so many limitations.

You have to play it to find the struggles in it, if not then you wouldn’t understand what it lacks after you played the NATO counterparts, they can get away from making mistakes while the T-72/90 is a death sentence once you make a wrong move.

this is a figure of speech right? Becuase there can be no way you’re actually missing your shots on tank that they are literally driving circles around you.

Stop trying to Snipe with a MBT. Warthunder maps rarely allow that.

Yes, this is all you need to do.

You make the wrong move, in any tank, you’re dead.

It’s not a 0 or 1 thing for other vehicles, explain how you can escape with -4 kph reverse speed and not get taxed? I can miss a shot with Leopard 2 or Abrams then quickly reverse back to cover and not get hit, you can’t with all the T-72/90 variants, there are situations where you are likely to be able to turn around quickly due to your mobility, but that slow turning traverse of T-90 make it unlikely, there is a lot of thing it lacks in comparison to put it in such situation.

how are you missing shots?

The T-90A is just one of those tanks that’s notoriously poor as it’s attributes don’t fit War Thunder’s META.

You can’t really balance it properly with the BR system either because it’s poor reload rate, turret traverse, mobility, reverse speed, lack of gun depression and lack of survivability make it a poor choice whether it’s 10.0 or 11.0.

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You never missed a shot? I’ve watched replays of players with 4.0 KDR in the M1A1 and they occasionally miss, let me check your replay to see what I can learn bro.

you are talking about peoplerunning circles around you, and you’re missing shots at point blank range?

I really like this tank to be honest, it looks damn cool but too bad about the gun handling, I hope one day I figured out how to do well in it. Or hopefully, Gaijin found a sekret dokuments somewhere that says it has -6 gun depression and adds that extra 2 degrees to it. :p

I’ve been watching some replays to discover their hidden potential, saw one Japanese guy who has 4.0 KDR in it and haven’t scrolled past the one that he played.

That statement doesn’t necessarily mean someone misses a shot at point blank, out of all the weaknesses the T-90 has compared to counterparts how do you decide it’s due to someone missing the shot point-blank? something very unlikely to happen, only if you always can turn your tank quickly enough to point your barrel on your target, a proper reverse speed and quick turret traverse could improve this situation by a large margin, in this respective br the T-90 is one of the slowest in this department.

Btw, back to your previous statement, if you played Abrams and didn’t try to get into a sniping position when the situation permitted, then you wasting most of the potential that particular vehicle has to offer, most of my kills are players who drive around like a headless chicken in their Abrams, the one that gave me the most problems are those who sit back, hull down and only their dome is showing, when I watched their replays they have a real good KDR like above 3.0, with those in my team I would bet the sky will be clear because the enemy team wouldn’t have enough sp to spawn CAS.

The Abrams wasn’t designed to Snipe, it was designed to Assault. The few times i’ve gotten into sniping position my team either dies, or doesn’t take the objectives. I don’t miss shots at close range, especially at under 30 meters unless they’ve smoked.

… okay?

So give us a play by play of each of your vehicles experience… as you do it.

We all, for sure care and are Dying to hear your War Thunder Diary entries.

i use t90a at 11.0 easy

I’m currently suffering a little trying figure out how to use it effectively due to skill issues, I hate that I can only have good game like once out of 10 matches. It’s good to hear the other positive aspects of the said vehicle from other players. There was some downtiers in this br and by right I should have done the most for the team anyway by having the highest br vehicles in the team, eventhough downtier I still get OHKO by enemy 9.7s, unlike the T-72 1989 it will shrugs off 9.0 apfsds to the turret like they are nothing.

  • Actually, T-90A slightly uptier (around 11.0 and 11.3) is better then 10.7 since when getting to that tier, people tend stay play slower then 10.0/10.7 when matching with no brain player, especially when got to 11.3 facing noob with click bait or OES.
  • Beside, Gaijin butchered it to fit the gap between T-72B and B3 back when it’s introduction.
    With it true FCS and armor (which is the same on T-80UE-1), it can easily move up to 11.0/11.3.
  • I think the gap between 10.0 and 11.0 can fit with T-72BM1S (for T-72 line) and T-80UE-1 since it’s has worse armor (K1 usage instead K5 on hull) but the same FCS.
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The fact that you can uptier a vehicle doesn’t automatically mean it’s any good.
I can take a Leopard A1A1 to 11.7 but I certainly won’t be getting a 3-1 K/D ratio in the thing.

The T-90A is already a mediocre tank at 10.7, much less if you took it to 11.0.

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