Allow us to select what area of our tank we want repaired first

Focus mobility

Focus firepower


Is there something wrong with current repair? When I repair it fixes everything at once.

If it didn’t and you could only repair individual modules one at a time, then I could see what is proposed in the title.

I don’t even know how it works tbh. Wheels or tracks, then??? Anyway it doesn’t matter, if your team helps you it’s really quick. You could be completely smashed and repair everything in roughly 1 minute.

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Allow dynamic repair that focuses on a portion of the tank to repair faster

I don’t need my turret ring repaired when I’m in an open field I need my track repaired to get to cover

Taking 20 seconds + another 10 seconds to repair all versus focusing the repair to a specific module possibly even giving a speed bonus for focusing repair

Then don’t hold F… Your track is going to repair anyway… If you press f you will lock into the repair of everything.