Allow rare event vehicles to be upgradable to premium via GEs or cash

I understand that making all rare event vehicles premium would ruin the essence of finances that keep the game going and aware of the existence of the purchasable talisman, but since rare event vehicles are rare and need a hard grind to get, why not give them a special purchaseable - via cash or GEs- talisman which would upgrade the event vehicle from Standard to a premium vehicle, this way event vehicles become more worth grinding and in the same fashion the game doesn’t lose finances over special but vehicles that are acquired solely through grinds.

I think they should just make it so that a talisman also allows you to research all lower ranked vehicles just as premium vehicles can. This would make a vehicle with a talisman and a premium vehicle have no real differences other than SL gain (which is no longer an issue).

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That would also work

You can put a talisman on them and basically accomplish the same thing as what you are suggesting, I mean . . . it’s already in the game . . ☻

Of course - the problem with that is if you were to get a rank VII event vehicle for a nation that you haven’t grinded. An event vehicle is still a regular vehicle so it can only grind rank VI-VIII if its rank VII.

That means you’d still need to play through that entire tree the regular tedious way or get a real premium to reach the rank at which your event vehicle (with a talisman) can actually be used for research effectively.

Define rare. We talking E-100 rare? Because the Object 292 is NOT a rare event vehicle.