Allow choosing specific system groups to repair first

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Allow the user when holding the repair button to open a radial menu to then either select “repair all” or to target specific systems to repair.

The system subsets are already presented somewhat in the player UI showing vehicular damage.


Adding in the proposed system to select which of these to focus on would do two things for the player. Allow greater tactical choice, and allow more immersion.

It doesn’t make sense that you would want to wait 40 seconds to repair all of your damaged systems leaving you out in the open to be shot. Why not just repair the damaged track / engine / transmission? Equally why would you care whether your MAUS or IS-3 is capable of mobility? Why not focus on repairing the gun so you can kill the enemy?

With the new vehicle models including things such as power packs and transmission fluid it’s going to be even more annoying having to sit repairing everything at once rather than getting say your fire control system back online so you can laser range find the enemy T-80 sitting 1,500 meters away.

The current repair system is a base of around 40 seconds to repair. Changing the repair time to be lower if targeting a specific system would make sense logically as repairing one thing is easier than repairing four or more things. It would also provide gameplay advantage should the player choose to interact with the system.

Negatives of the proposed system are an easier time getting mobile again / being able to fire again which currently can generally be guessed since disabling one thing requires the same repair time irrelevant of what’s damaged. With this system it may be necessary to increase total repair time to 60+ seconds assuming you’re repairing all systems at once to help balance out the ability to focus repair.

Obviously the other negative being a more complicated game, but I don’t view this as an inherent negative. I enjoy playing War Thunder because it offers complexity in its mechanics.


I assume the system would work somewhat similar to the naval system, where you use keybinds to choose what you fix.

I think this will be an excellent addition. There have been many times when I have just wanted to repair my engine, so I can move into cover, or when I need to repair my gun first due to nearby enemies.

Edit: it would’ve been very useful in my most recent match. My barrel was shot out, and I was forced to repair in place. Then my tracks were destroyed, and my repair time jumped up from 25 to 40 seconds. I didn’t end up repairing anything at all, even when I had 12 seconds of repair time left.


Wait, hold up, we have the ability to designate what to fix in Naval?

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Well, not really. You can choose to fight fires, stop flooding, or repair stuff. Or all three. But not specific things. I think they were just using that as an example of how the mechanic could work for ground vehicles.

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Ahhhhhh gotcha, yeah I know of those bit, I thought they added some unassigned keybinds to fix specific modules in some update and I missed it entirely somehow.

Its probably in the files…

Yes this is needed! Same with being able to choose which crew member is replaced too! Also, maybe even a way to move crew around in planes, as long as they could do that irl

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We all experience those situations on a daily basis. I agree we need more agency/strategic choices to do what we think is best in our current predicament.

At the very least if it remains all automated, I’d have the game focus on firepower first (so that even when tracks get destroyed during a barrel repair, the barrel repair doesn’t reset and eventually gets fixed as planned)

Also the game has timers for ressuplying various ammo, MGs, smokes, hardkill, etc. all separately. It sounds perfectly feasible to have a separate repair timer for each modules. The little pictograms from the tank status at the bottom left would be explicit enough :)