Allied army vehicle slot


I would like to discuss this very simple idea of possibility to lineup of one nation, attach vehicle from other (allied/friendly) nation.

This idea is mainly about to make possible to fill gaps in SPAAG in the TTs and can be initially limited to SPAAGS or other “auxiliary” class of vehicles, to prevent creation of too OP lineups. Also, certain relation between primary and the auxiliary army should be present (US <-> Japan or Russia <-> China) like in SIM rotations.

So for example Japan could borrow US ADATS for their top lineup, or China and Russia could borrow Pantsir and TOR form each other.

This could potentially:

  • Fill gaps in TT lineups
  • Encourage to research other nations TT (Gaijin might profit from increased demand for premium vehicles)
  • Gaijin can sell this slot for GE to cover cost of implementation
  • Might decrease need of captured etc vehicles to fill gaps in TTs
  • Some other contrains can be implemented like increased SP cost for a vehicle in a such slot
  • Allow to detach subtrees into independet ones and make them “expoitable” by multiple nations

This could be cautiously applied to other class of vehicles, like helicopters/attackers, because some TTs are lacking those vehicles as well.


This belongs in Suggestions → Gameplay.

On a more personal note, I dislike this mechanic. I think it removes uniqueness from trees and I support subtrees much more. Plus, what do we qualify as allied? Do Italy and Germany only count as allied to the US and Great Britain after WWII? How does Sweden fit into this at all because Sweden only applied to join NATO in 2022?


This is a discusssion prior the suggestion.

Such uniqueness was removed time ago with Italian Hellcats, Russian Pathers, Chinese F-16, German Thunderbolts and dozens others.

Anyhow I doubt that Israel, Italy or Japan players insist on their uniqueness to not have TT SAM systems.

Simple matrix for each vehicle to which nation can be attached to would do a trick. So it would be entirely possible to differentiate by era.


Yep same thaught

To be that person.

Israel, Italy and Japan all have SAM vehicles that are unique to their nation.

Grabted Israel and Italy only have 1. And Japan 2.

Not to mention they are all IR/contrast seekers.

Honestly it just opens up too many questions about apperant allegiance or neutrality that its not really worthwhile pursuing imo.

Now if one could rent a supporting vehicle, that would be neat. Kinda like the Warbond shop rentals.

I don’t see any way of making this work for several reasons. First being that many nations have been allies and also foes depending on time periods. Secondly, the vehicles are divided by nations for a reason, mainly separate progression models for each nation. And the game is not divided into NATO vs Russia or Warsaw Pact as many, especially top tier players, seem to think or want. And lastly, the vast amount of work/coding required to even make such a thing possible, with no benefit to Gaijin at all lead me to think, this won’t ever be happening. Granted I have often wished to make line ups of my favorite vehicles, regardless of nation, but being pragmatic I can see where this just isn’t possible.
I understand your idea and appreciate the effort, but I do not ever see anything remotely close to what you are suggesting ever happening.

They do, and they can use it if they will, or they could attach some more powerfull system if they wish.
Because for exaple OTOMATIC, or MANPADS are inadequate protection against TT CAS.

But I can create a poll if for exaple Italians would welcome option to attach ITO or Whirlwind.

This is already set in SIM battles. So nothing new.

Per vehicle matrix…

What makes you think it requires was amount of coding ?

This is very true. Tho i think the solution is probably better suited to be something like a global rental for supporting vehicles instead.

That or give everyone a truck with a Crotale NG trailer:
(Tho at least it would allow Italy to get a Greek crotale trailer)